Purrsday Poetry: My Journey With Cino

On my blog I have written a number of posts and some poems about my cat Cino. I enjoy writing poetry, so I thought I would write one that encompasses our journey together so far.


So excited to give a home
To an animal up for adoption
Seeking one out at a shelter
Was hands down the only option

You were so very shy
When I first met you
I wasn’t sure you were the one
Decisions to be made, what should I do?

I spent some more time
But you didn’t seem to notice me
Then finally a look and a meow
And I knew it was meant to be

You hid behind the toilet afraid
The first few days in your new home
I knew you just needed love & patience
Until you were ready to roam

One night while lying in bed
I felt something tickle my toes
Then I awoke and to my surprise
You and I were nose to nose

I knew then you finally felt safe
You relaxed and settled in
Your fear turned into joy
Now I could look at you with a huge grin

We have had some challenges
That have come our way
The worst was your health scare
Which made me fall to my knees to pray

These were real emotional times
Hard to bear, I just wanted to leave
But my prayers were heard
And Jesus spoke the words “Just Breathe”

Our journey continues together
We have a mission, you and me
All of God’s creation is waiting
To be treated as God intended them to be

I created my blog as an assignment when I was taking Web Design classes. I only began regularly blogging last year. My goals, plans, and interests have been changing as I have gone along. I see this as a good thing. I am finding myself and how I can make a difference  for animals in my own way.

Animal advocacy can be very hard on your own emotional well-being. You have to learn and find out where your limits are. Through finding my own limitations, I have been embracing some old & new interests; photography (and editing), poetry, and artwork. I have been incorporating some of this into my blog posts and have many plans moving forward. The main goal will always remain to spread the word and to make a difference in this world for animals.

Come visit us at Animals Are Feeling Beings Too.

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21 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: My Journey With Cino

    1. Thanks so much Andrea! I appreciate your nice comments. 🙂 Helping animals is my passion. Glad you will be following along with me and others who care about animals.

  1. This is a lovely account, LeeAnn. I think most cat and dog relationships with humans begin very much like this. In the end, God and His perplexing condition, Love, wins. <3

      1. My pleasure, cats are my life, rescuing, loving, learning and being the very best cat mom possible. Me rescue girls princess and Rosie are my life

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