Crazy Cat Lovers

My name is Andréanne Lupien and I’m a Crazy Cat Lover! I believe in fairy tales, happy endings, magic and I love Cats. 

I was inspired by other photographers who had done series of photos with certain themes and subjects. I wanted to create my own series. Only I didn’t know what kind of theme I should use. I wanted to do something original and something I loved. I was looking at some of my previous photos and one caught my eye. I had done a surreal self portrait with my cat. In the photo, I had placed my cat in a lots of position around me. It was fun and different. That was it! That would be my subject : Crazy Cat Lovers.


I’m a Crazy Cat Lover because when I adopted my first cat I instantly fell in love. He was my best friend. I was fascinated by him and all the things he did. The way he drank his water. The way he rolled around on his back. The way he’d stare into my eyes and Meow! He was so cute. After that I fell in love with every cat that I met. I was hooked. I started to buy clothes with cats on it. I would watch cat videos. I went into coffee shops with cats. Sometimes I like to Meow at people. I even have a cat tattoo (It’s a unicorn cat.) 

18-Olivier-Pui, Cremette, Bas Blanc, Picot Vert

I was looking for diversity for my series. I wanted different people, different cats and different places. With every photos I felt like it was a different universe because I entered into a new home. Each place had its own ambience. My first subjects were my friends and after that I used Facebook to reach out to more people. I requested people to be a part of my project.  

19-Sabrina-Maki, Oscar, Toulouse, Pixie, Tchaikovsky

Shooting the cats wasn’t always easy. They’re cats. They do what they want. We need to be patient and try to play with them. We had to come up with different ways to keep the cat/cats intrigued. Whether it was treats, toys, or lazers. Eventually we would find a way to do it.

This is my series: Crazy Cat Lovers.

For the love of photography. For the happiness of meeting new people. For the love of cats.

Meow ! x

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6 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lovers


    Absolutely love this photo compilations, Such a talent. Want to see if I can get a photographer girlfriend to tell me how it is done. Would love to memorialize my two cats this way. Check out Sandy Skoglund’s radioactive cats installation.

  2. RoseyToesMeows says:

    Those pictures must have taken a lot of work. They look great! Shame you couldn’t find a crazy cat lady similar to me, who has 8 cats, would have made life easier for you.
    Thanks for sharing your fab work. ?

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