Fabulous Felines in History: Boudi

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” – Charles Dickens

As divine, intelligent creatures, the two divas, Colette and Simone and our human, Léa, have decided that it was time to enlighten all those feline loving humans whose education skipped over some of the most fascinating contributions in history. Sadly, your textbooks have failed you by ignoring us. Now is the time to correct these CAT-astrophic omissions to your education and enlightenment. Behind every brilliant moment in time, a brave and intelligent feline, or more, was there to contribute, to inspire and to offer their great wisdom and sensibilites. 

We are grateful to Marc at Katzenworld for allowing us to share a post requesting photos for the series and our thanks to those who contribute. We do appreciate how special your felines are and thank you for sharing them. However, those who have shared their precious photos may be surprised to find there is a whole other cat than what they know.

A feline myth or two may be tested or crushed along the way. This is also part of educating our friends. Of course cats know it but thought it was time to share this intelligence with feline loving humans.

The first myth that we shall shatter is the one of us having nine lives. The truth of the matter is that Felines long ago mastered Time Travel. While we may look young to you and even as a kitten, we are up to much more than you know when you are unaware…

One of the first photos received will help us demonstrate our Time Travel capabilities.

Miss Boo--Nov 2013

Boudi is my name. I come to you from around the year 60 A.D. My mistress,                             the Queen, Boudicca herself, gave me my name. I was the most trusted of her feline realm. Like the Queen, I am a fierce warrior and have distinguished myself on numerous occasions. Be mindful, nothing escapes my razor sharp gaze.

Among my duties were recruitment and training of all felines that would serve. Additionally, my keen sense of smell proved useful in detecting strangers not to mention food and water that had been tampered with. Needless to say, our legions had much practice in our warrior skills while also keeping down the rodent population. When my Queen slept, it was I who appeared to rest at her side. Nothing escaped my watch. My legions kept their patrols and reported to me. When there were indications of trouble, my circle of watch grew but I never left the Queen’s proximity.  Often, it was my keen sense of smell that raised the alarm.

No human and no canine could mount the surveillance comparable to a legion of felines. With our petite size and astounding feats of flexibility, there is no corner, we cannot investigate thoroughly. Furthermore, Cats have an unparalleled curiosity.

As our Court and legions lived in open nature, I have the special advantage of the colors of my beautiful fur. I have the perfect camouflage. This in addition to my many special skills and talents make me the purrfect choice for such an assignment.

Our heroic Queen chose to take her own life instead of being a slave to Nero’s soldiers. I follow my Queen and remain at her request to guard her daughters.

Peace in our time.


Disclaimer: All mistakes are strictly the result of human error and shall be dealt with.

Our thanks to Kris for sharing this photo and her lovely feline. Colette, Simone and the human.

Photo courtesy of: ctslair@aol.com

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9 thoughts on “Fabulous Felines in History: Boudi

    • Léa says:

      How kind. Thank you so much. We shall be back shortly since our guest has gone back home and our running about France collecting photos for future posts on the other two blogs has come to a hiatus. 🙂

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