The Latest Trends in Cat Ownership and Cat Care

The Latest Trends in Cat Ownership and Cat Care

Having a pet is one of the most beautiful things in anyone’s life, since they bring a huge amount of joy and happiness to every home. Pet owners are spending more and more money nowadays on their pets’ lifestyles, and if you want to know what are the latest trends in cat ownership and care, be sure to keep on reading. Here are five of them you should know about.

Travelling with your cat has become an absolute must

Travelling with pets has really become one of the major hits in the last couple of years, which inevitably led to the emergence of pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, stores and other vacation and hospitality industries. People often speak of their pets as of beloved family members, which is why they opt to take them along on vacations. A lot of hotels, inns, and motels now welcome pets, too, which is a really smart move for those who want their business to grow.

The rise of natural cat food and other care products

Natural pet products are gaining worldwide popularity because people have become more conscious about improving the health of their pets and our planet at the same time. Many companies are coming up with natural pet food solutions and other care products like cat litter, tick and flea repellents, and toys with natural fibers that are free from all kinds of toxins and potentially harmful chemicals. If you already haven’t, be sure to give them a try – your cat will love them, since they’ll allow it to stay healthy and taken care of in the best possible way.

Specialty pet services which lead to immense pet business growth

There’s also a wide range of other pet services that are gaining momentum these days, becoming extremely popular among the pet owners. Some of them are pet training, portrait photography, behavioural consulting, pet sitting, and even some upscale spa services like reiki and pet massage, and ‘paw-tinctures’. Even though these may be seen as extreme by some cat owners, many of them actually enjoy providing those services for their cats and seeing them get pampered all day long.

Cat celebrities? Why not!

Even though pet celebrities are nothing new, starting with dogs like Rin Tin Tin or Lassie who made their way to the silver screen decades ago, we can say that cat celebrities are a fairly new concept these days. It all started with Grumpy Cat, a pet that’s become a huge viral sensation overnight. This cat is now worth about $100 million, and it was made popular by its owner who posted a picture of in on Reddit. However, there are now T-shirts, coffee mugs, wrapping paper, and stuffed animals that feature Grumpy Cat – pretty much everything that can possibly be sold. This cat really means business!

Does your cat have a pet insurance?

Pet insurance has been available for decades now; however, pet policies sales have begun to rise just recently, when pet owners started seeing their pets as legitimate family members. Besides that, people have realized that their pets are living longer, which means that they’ll require extended medical care at some point, which is why they often opt for pet insurance. So, if you want to provide the best possible health care that includes some advances in veterinary technology, make sure to buy a medical insurance for your cat and you’ll be sure that you did everything you can to keep it healthy and safe.

Each of these five trends is really becoming more and more popular these days, when pet owners are ready to spend more money and invest a lot of effort to take care of their pets and provide them with everything they possibly can. If you’re one of those advanced pet owners, be sure to bear in mind our list, so that your cat can live a happy and prosperous life!

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  1. helentastic67 says:

    I used to take Jamima home to the country with me. She would have adventures over night finding things and hike she didn’t love going into her cat-condo, she travelled in the car perfectly fine and once out at my mums house she soon recognised where she was as somewhere familiar to her. Cheers,H

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