How To Win The War On Cat Fur

Are you having a hard time dealing with your cats fur? You are not alone. There are thousands of cat owners who are experiencing the same situation. The good news is that there are lots of ways that can help you deal with it. Cleaning hair on the furniture, clothes, car, and all over the house is part of cat owners everyday routine. Your cat hair can be a nuisance, and it may cause medical conditions like asthma and allergies.  You need to find the best ways on how to deal with cat fur. Below are effective ways on how to deal with cat fur.

A Well-Groomed Cat Can Keep the Fur Away

One of the most effective methods in reducing the cat fur in your home is to keep them well-groomed. Regular brushing and bathing (for those breeds that have to have this done) can remove old hair, dander, and mats. There is a misconception on cats with short hair. Many think that cat breeds with shorter hair don’t shed fur. Well, they are wrong. They still shed hair. Brushing is as vital as for those with longer hair.

You can do the brushing of your cat’s hair a few minutes every day using a comb, brush, grooming glove or mat remover. It can help collect dead hair that you can dispose of instead of your cat scattering them all over the house. Brushing off loose hair can also help reduce the possibilities of having hairballs.

You can also use a nifty device known as a corner comb. It can help a lot in grooming your cat. The comb is connected to the corner of a wall where your cat can rub against. A catnip spray is sprayed on the comb to attract cats into it. The comb soft tipped teeth remove the dead hair as your cat rubs against it.

If your cat cat sheds excessive fur, a groomer can help. It is much better to cut your cat hair to a shorter and easy to handle length to lessen your problem with cat fur. You can also use shedding treatments where special baths, brushing, and drying methods can get rid of excess hair and it will last for many weeks.

Teach Your Cat How to Stay off your Furniture

You can decrease the amount of cat fur on your furniture if you teach them not to get on the furniture. One way of doing this is to provide them comfortable pet beds or pet furniture, if possible with the same fabric used for your furniture. Make sure that you discourage them from getting on the furniture.

However, if your cat is already adopted a sofa as their favorite space, there are things that you can do to reduce the amount of cat fur.

  • Use a fabric protector.
  • It is much easier to clean your furniture if you use a vacuum cleaner. Attachable tools can help keep the hair from getting into the fabric. Using a vacuum cleaner on your upholstered furniture is the best method for fur removal.
  • For wood furniture, use special brush attachments to remove cat fur.
  • Magnetized dust wands can help in picking up cat fur as well.
  • You can also run an air filter to remove pet hair and other contaminants.
  • You can use slipcovers or decorative fabric to keep your furniture protected. To clean it, simply remove the cover, and wash it on a regular basis to keep it clean. Make sure not to include this on your regular wash, your clothes can pick up the cat hair.
  • Use sticky sheets for fabric upholstery. These are huge sheets with an adhesive that is effective in removing hair from car seats, furniture, and beds.
  • To deal with hair on your phone, TV, computer and in other appliances use compressed air. They can have a nozzle attachment that can blast air on hard to reach areas. This will dislodge the hair and let you remove it using vacuums or dusters.

Tricks on Removing Hair from carpets

You can remove hair from carpets with regular vacuuming. Very fine hair can be difficult to remove even if you vacuum repeatedly. To help you remove it, use a damp terry cloth towel. Using the towel wipe your carpet down. The cloth can collect the hair in a small pile that can be picked up from the carpet.

If there is a place where your pet cat usually stays and leaves a lot of hair, you can use the terry cloth to clean the area. In the case of a very soiled carpet, you can use a small cleaner to get rid of a large part of the dirt and hair that is trapped on it. You can also use a carpet rake. It is a uniquely designed tool to collect pet hair on the carpet.

Keeping Your Clothes Cat Fur Free

Cats can be very attached creature and because of this you get cat hair all over your clothes. Here are some suggestions to help keep your clothes clean and hair free.

  • Use pet hair rollers. This is a large roller with masking tape on it that rotates on a handle. Roll the hair roller over your clothes, it collects the hair and sticks on the tape. Just pull off the layer of the tape with hair and you will have a fresh cleaning masking tape again. You can also use this in upholstered furniture.
  • Other tools that can help remove cat fur on your clothes are lint brushes and pet hair pickups. These are specialized brushes with a specialized cloth that can capture hair in the nap of the fabric and can be released if you brush it on the opposite direction.
  • You can use fabric sprays on your clothes to repel pet hair.
  • A cloth softener dryer sheet can be wiped over the clothes as a pet hair pickup.
  • For your clothes in the closet, you can use plastic dry cleaner bags to prevent hair from getting on the clothes.

It is natural for your cat to shed off their fur. But you don’t have to worry about it since there are things that you can do to get rid of them. Hope the above tips and tricks help you solve your problems with cat fur.

Author Bio:

Sarah Keene is the founder of Themeowthing where she writes about the various cat breeds, kitty pet care & health advice, training tips, reviews of cat products, and any other issues that you might love to know about cats.

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6 thoughts on “How To Win The War On Cat Fur

  1. maryltonks says:

    I have also found nitrile disposable gloves to be a worthy purchase. Put the gloves on and rub your hands along the fuzzy surfaces. You will gather fur better than with a lint roller, because you can toss fur in the trash and keep going, without refreshing a roll of sticky paper. >^..^<

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