Cats at The Bar: Welcome Human! Join me in my lair…

Hi everyone,

We are back for another cute entry in Cats at the Bar to help us all get over the hump day!

“Come een leetle camera-boy – I have candee!”

We are huge fans of black cats as Nubia can confirm but you’ve got to admit they are good at giving you a scare especially in the dark. ;o

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8 thoughts on “Cats at The Bar: Welcome Human! Join me in my lair…

  1. Jennifer Daniels says:

    My family seems to be into the black cat ismood .My sister adopted 1 Miss Thashia and my son took in a stray kitten hanging around the dumpster at his work B J”s brewery. His name is Stan short for “Gold STANdard” . He squeaks when he meows.

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