Two Red Cats 19 – True prey

Cat brought to Lily a small, real prey: a bird. Lily did not know how to eat it, so gave it little bites, threw it into the plate, then made it jump hitting with the paw and totally ruined it. And, well, it’s okay I guess, one day she will learn. In the end, thankfully, Cat decided to eat the bird itself, wasting it wouldn’t have been the best option…

Bonus: Lily and the b

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2 thoughts on “Two Red Cats 19 – True prey

  1. helentastic67 says:

    Jamima used to watch birds from the Windows, but she didn’t much understand and they made her very anxious. Thankfully, I don’t know she would have known what to do if she had been able to get to them. Cheers,H

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