Cat’s Psychology – Time to Understand – Part 1

In the next few months, I want to discuss the psychological understanding we have about cats and the way they behave. Most of you cat lovers may know some or all of the things I will discuss, however, I thought it would be a nice idea to go over different aspects of cat’s behavior and the reasons behind it.


Cats rub their face and body on certain objects or a person to mark their scent. This we all know; however, it also is considered as part of showing affection. Cats also greet by touching each other’s noses. They may even rub their face onto your cheeks to display their strong affection.

Cats rub on your leg or body to make you smell like them. The more you smell like them, the more they want to be around you.


Kneading assists the mother cat to give milk to her kittens. When they get older they knead with their paws indicating what they remember of their mother.

Sometimes cats knead on humans. This is because they are trying to calm themselves when they are nervous.


Contrary to what some think, cats are just as bonded and protective towards their owners as dogs are. They just don’t show it like dogs do.

Cat’s help humans

Studies have shown that a cat owner is less likely to have a heart attack by 40%! This is because when cats purr, they help the owners body and themselves. The purring actually cuts down on the effects of dyspnea – difficulty breathing – in humans and cats.

That’s it for today guys. If you liked this article then stay tuned for more. Don’t forget to like and share.

Jeyran is a blogger, consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter and a freelance book translator. Her website Review Tales demonstrates her thoughts, reflections and book reviews.

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32 thoughts on “Cat’s Psychology – Time to Understand – Part 1

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  2. Ana Mari Pérez Marín says:

    Content animal in Spanish “The Faun and Basajaun” blog

  3. Rohvannyn says:

    Ha ha, so true about bonding! My cat my not growl or hiss at intruders the way a dog might, but she still loyally warns me about anything going on by “pointing” at whatever the disturbance is. She also tells me off if I don’t go to bed on time, and waits for me at the door when I come home from work!

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      • foguth says:

        It was excellent information. I also shared the link with a friend, who recently adopted a feral and she was so impressed that she said she followed Katzenworld. Have a great day!

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  7. Sandy says:

    Interesting, but re: the kneading–my cats (I have a small ‘herd’ of 8) knead on me all the time! They do not seem to be stressed or upset before, during or after. “We” call it “giving mom lovies”. When I sit down in my chair in the evening after we’ve all had supper, they take turns getting on the arm of the chair and kneading on my arm or stomach. A ferral that I took in last year does so only when we get into bed at night. All members of the herd get along–no arguments, hissing, etc–and frequently are found sleeping/cuddling together on my bed or sofa during the day. When they knead on me, I “coo” and “make purr” sound back and they just keep on with it. If I stop, they stop. If I continue with the sounds, they continue kneading. It’s great and they seem to be enjoying themselves. I interpret this kneading to be signs of love from each of them as they did with their cat moms so long ago. Several of them also get on the pillows over my head at night, knead on my head and purr me to sleep. It is such a joy living with a “herd” of cats. (Yes, I know that the correct word for multi-cats is ‘clowder’ but ‘herd’ is a better word for me! 😉 )

  8. Lauren says:

    I have to agree with Sandy, a previous commenter, about cats kneading on their humans. I have owned many cats who have done this–none of them were upset or stressed. Quite the contrary, actually, they were content, purring, and appear very happy.

    Also, about the bonding…I would genuinely like to know more about this claim. How exactly do cats show their bond through humans? Obviously it’s different than dogs. It’d be awesome if there could be a little more elaboration on this.

    There’s good information. I just wish there was more elaboration and detail for certain bits.

  9. angelswhisper2011 says:

    I show my affection with the kneading, so it isn’t always working the stress out. You can see it when I do it on a stress-level btw 😉 Granny and I loved the article. It’s very informative and clearly written. *Paws up* Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 <3

  10. wondering_woman says:

    I think cats are so misunderstood. My cat is so affectionate, and actively seeks me out for a cuddle. He is nearly 19 so I am treasuring the time I still have with him.

    • Marc-André says:

      They often are indeed! 🙂

      And hopefully you’ll have many more years with your “little one”

      If you’d like to do a guest feature we love featuring other people’s cat stories btw. 😀

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