A Busy Day for the Friday Art Cat

Scratch noisily on metal vent to wake up the humans.
Ask for morning morsels.
Ask to go out.
Refuse to go out.
Ask to go out again.
Go back inside.
Observe the neighbor beagle from front window.
Stay inside all day. Too windy.
Take a nap on the guest bed pillows.
Catch and eat a fly.
Run head first in to discarded paper bag.
Spy on other cats from paper bag.
Take a sofa nap.
Ask for afternoon morsels.
Leave kitchen disgruntled after being denied.
Take another nap.
Chatter at robin perched on the patio.
Stand on human foot to get scruffs.
Demand morsels.
Ask to go outside by batting at the doorknob.
Keep an eye on suspicious birds.
Get unceremoniously carried inside by human.
Sit on human lap for pets.
Purr loudly.
Scratch carpet on stairs.
Run super-fast up stairs when caught scratching carpet.
Curl up in closet box bed for the night.
Cat in a bag. Watercolor painting.

Carol Parker Mittal is an artist and teacher living in Northern Michigan who is currently hunkered down, hoping her house is not blown away by the spring wind. You can check out her blog about art and cats at Art is Not for Sissies. 

When in doubt, add a kitty.

22 thoughts on “A Busy Day for the Friday Art Cat

  1. Cat’s eye view of their day. Sounds about right, except my cats never went outside. They liked looking out the window though. 🙂

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