Respect Your Cat


No, Lola! I’m talking about International Respect Your Cat Day!

What? I’ve never heard of that Sasha. I’ve only heard of Hairball Awareness Day, National Cat Day, National Feral Cat Day and Happy Mew Year.

Well, Lola, International Respect Your Cat Day is one that our humans missed.

Talk about not getting respect, Sasha!

Yeah, they thought that they would just let that holiday slide by and we wouldn’t notice!

Yeah, right.

Yeah, that’s right Sasha! We have Hairball Awareness Day to look forward to on the last Friday of April. That’s a holiday that they won’t forget! 🙂


A survey showed that most pet owners would prefer to stay home and cuddle with their pet (63%) than go on a romantic date with their significant other (35%).

That won’t be our humans after the last Friday of April…


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11 thoughts on “Respect Your Cat

  1. Jennifer Lynn Daniels says:

    My kitty has to be given hairball goop to help him. He will throw up . He also has allergies and takes a pill as needed. He’s bossy too but I love that cat sooo much
    = ^..^=

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