Two Red Cats 11 – Vitali’s tongue

Vitali had a special way to show that he was hungry: not meowed, as did her sister, neither he rubbed on the legs of humans. No, he began to lick all his face in a very funny way, with the tongue that seemed to go in all directions like a soft fireworks. What a laugh that made!

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Hello! Hello everyone!
We are two sisters, who are passionate about art, animals, writing and tv series.
We are also probably the most prolific artists who you have never met! In just five years we have produced more than 8,000 artworks and several books.
We draw fanarts, furries, original characters, animals and much more!

7 thoughts on “Two Red Cats 11 – Vitali’s tongue

  1. zodiacimmortal says:

    OMG!1 My cat licks her chops to show she wants a treat, or (help us) if we say shrimp… we have to spell it, but I think she knows what we are spelling now too!!!

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