Two Red Cats 10 – Destroying plants!

Lily and Vitali are two relatively calm cats, do not destroy anything, except … except the chili plants and the salvinia. They destroy only those, however, without touching the rest of the garden.

And your cats? What do they like to destroy? Are they selective or that kind of feline tornado that destroys anything? Tell us!

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7 thoughts on “Two Red Cats 10 – Destroying plants!

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  2. angela1313 says:

    My kitties are indoor only and my plants are under glass. Milk is my only plant eater, she would go after even things that are bad for cats like asparagus fern. She once tore into an unlucky “lucky bamboo” when I was distracted while transferring it to a new container. Milk was fine and the bamboo survived but looked pretty sorry.

  3. Yonni's Wacky Workshop says:

    I tried growing green beans on my balcony. They would sprout and grow perfectly until each plant had five leaves. The morning after the fifth leaf appeared, there would only be a small “stump” in the planter and the leaves would be completely gone. I always blamed it on caterpillars until the day Mr. Herkimer J. Evil came into my room saying “Mom, Mom, MOMMMMM” (he always called me Mom right before he would barf on the carpet). He hacked up the biggest and foamiest pile of green puke… And I haven’t planted any green beans since! ?

  4. zodiacimmortal says:

    Oh My Sully cat!!! If there’s a plant she wants it, and growing cat grass as her own plant does not help!
    If it’s green or leafy heck even if it’s baby carrots in a bag…. she will chomp on it rub her face all over it. Never have I seen a cat that acts like such a nut, but then see was a rescue from Sing Sing Prison!!! (she also has a habit of looking through the back of the kitchen chairs as though they are prison bars!)
    Then there’s the feathers, this cat you can’t stay mad at long but a party favor I had which was a native headress from doing YMCA (which they usually just have a headband and a feather) well she climbed up on my hutch dresser and somehow got the darn headress. I was fuming! I wouldn’t bother with her for days maybe even a week I was so mad. So far that’s the only time I was so pissed at her I didn’t want nothing to do with her. She did come an appologise tho.

    Oh dos anyone else’s cat likes cereal milk!
    This is what sully does… She stares at me sometimes tilting her head like please. Now I know you are not supposed to give them mi;k once they are adults but a little doesn’t hurt and that’s all she does is have a few licks and she’s done.
    its not just once any time she sees me with my cereal bowl… she wants some milk.

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