5 Problems Only People with Multiple Cats Will Understand

  1. You’ll never know who had diarrhea in the litter box.
  2. You never know who shat out a red string. Or a gold thread. Or a rubber band (or two).
  3. You don’t know who left the surprise pile of puke in the kitchen. Or the hallway. Or in the precise place you step when you get out of bed in the morning.
  4. You’re not sure who ate all the dry food. Or the wet food.
  5. You’re not sure who left those scratches on the fake leather ottoman. Or the new leather chair.

The bottom line is there is a shitload of uncertainty and mystery. Unless you install hidden cameras all over your house and watch them, like a psycho stalker (no judgement), these animals co-exist with us, often active when we’re asleep and we have to find the zen with this lack of control and knowledge. I imagine the TV reality family, The Duggers, with their 19 children, had to also acquiesce to this kind of lack of ungovernability.

On the flip side, multiple furballs have definitely translated to multiple bliss. Watching the interaction between kitties is equal to watching an older sibling hold the baby’s hand. There are moments of a feline fairytale, which cuddling cats, echoing purr sessions, and lick-fests, which I call kiss-fests. The love you get from one cat is exponentially more from two cats – or three.

Additionally, cats have a biological need to roughhouse, scratch and bite (LOVINGLY). When cats have sister/brother/roommate cats, they have buddies with whom they can get their aggression out. I recommend getting cats in pairs because innately they are animals who are most content with their pride. They feel happier, safer and more social with cats around them.

About the author:

Galina Nemirovsky is a freelance writer and essayist, transcribing the human condition using examples from her life. She contributes regularly to The Huffington Post on life, love, relationships, clowns, cats, and catastrophes. Galina dedicated 2016 to her 365 Project: Life Clubs where she wrote an autobiographical essay a day on her blog: www.HeartsEverywhere.com

Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/heartseverywher and Instagram, where she is working on this year’s “365 Project: Documenting Life 2017”: https://www.instagram.com/galinanemirovsky/

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14 thoughts on “5 Problems Only People with Multiple Cats Will Understand

  1. franhunne4u says:

    I, too, recommend a second cat, unless you know pretty well your cat HATES other cats. Cats are usually social creatures. They might hunt alone – but they have a whole dimension of communication they can only share with another cat: Pheromones and body language. We just cannot get our tales up to greet them, we cannot send them interesting chemical signals – we are useless in those ways.

  2. ohdarlingsoul says:

    I have two and although they’re not siblings, I pretend that they are. Sometimes they scrap, mostly because Odin wants to play and Freya doesn’t. But it warms my heart to see them snuggled up to one another whilst they have a grooming session <3

  3. Robert Varga says:

    We have 2, both huge blessings of course. We see too daily the shows they provide, fantastic fight matches, Morcat Kombats, sometimes WWE rounds all over the place. And the nights? Well, the biggest chunk of those they sleep with us.

  4. helentastic67 says:

    Yes. But I’ve only got one hand that works. Which cat do I pat? The line from Sad Cat Diaries about the “sadistic habit of patting with only one hand at a time despite the fact that we have 2 hands…..” or something like that.

  5. ravenhawks magazine says:

    I have five little furry fiends and I do know who does what usually because their favorite past time is being where ever I am, like now I have three right here in front of me and two in my bed. I still seem seem to be their favorite playmate, especially when I am at the computer.

  6. terrepruitt says:

    To me I am not so much concerned with the “ungovernability” as I am the health issues. I think is important to know who has diarrhea and to make sure both are eating and not just one. Oh well. 🙂

  7. heretherebespiders says:

    Oooo, I know by the size and stank which cat left that particular poop gift! The barf is usually identified by what is in it, too – one eats fabric and one just eats too fast.
    I’d never have just one again. But here is a serious question: do cats do better in odd or even numbers? I do think with three, two will gang up on one – quite like horses do!

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