Simple Health and Wellness for Your Cat

Simple Health and Wellness for Your Cat

Garbage in equals garbage out. That’s true whether we’re talking about programming a computer or feeding and taking care of ourselves and our pets. In recent years, awareness has spread that many of the products on the supermarket shelf may not be the best foods to consume if we want to live a long, healthy life, and now that same awareness is shining a light on how to best care for the animals in our families.


Healthy Food Doesn’t Come in a Can

Canned pet foods are undeniably convenient for pet owners, and given the excitement at dinner time they must taste good to our furry friends, but these foods are about as far away from a natural feline diet as you can get. Cats relish fresh muscle and organ meat, but what they actually get in their bowls is a mesh of scraps not fit for human consumption and lots of corn and soy filler.

Corn and soy are fine foods for rodents and birds, but they cause a lot of degenerative conditions in other animals. They contribute to obesity, allergies, joint problems and diabetes.

Raw Food Provides the Best Nutrition for Cats

Feeding your pets a diet of raw meat gives them the nutrients that they need to be strong and healthy.  Raw meat contains the kind of complete protein (protein containing all essential amino acids) that animals can digest, whereas the majority of the proteins in canned foods come from plant sources which aren’t easy for cats to assimilate at all.

Raw meat provides your cat with vitamins and minerals. Pet food manufacturers do add some vitamins and minerals to their base ingredients, but the nutrients added are of low bioavailability so offer little actual benefit.

Most commercial pet foods, both wet and dry, contain a high proportion of carbohydrate (from corn, soy and other grains) but cats are obligate carnivores, they evolved eating meat and have little ability to digest carbohydrate.

A raw diet isn’t complicated, all you need to do is choose cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish, chop it up and pop it in their feeding bowl. It doesn’t have to be expensive either; buy meat on sale and meat that’s hit its expiration date, and ask your butcher for bones for your pet to chew on.

Choose Supplements with Care

The pet care market is full of supplements that claim to be helpful or even essential for your pet’s good health. Some supplements do make a difference while others aren’t necessary at all. A truly healthy animal shouldn’t need any supplements, but how many of us can say that our pets are completely healthy, especially if they’ve eaten commercial food for a number of years?

Health issues seem to creep up as animals age; our pets slow down, they move with stiffness, they have digestive complaints, and general aches and pains. Few supplements can address all of these issues but a good place to start is with hemp supplements for pets.

Hemp supplements help to ensure that your pet has a healthy digestive tract, and they reduce inflammation, resulting in more mobility and less pain. Hemp helps to calm anxiety, and it supports healthy immune and neurological systems. And best of all, unlike some supplements and synthetic medications, hemp doesn’t cause debilitating side effects.

Give your pets the care that they deserve. Nourish them with a robust raw food diet and take care of their aches and pains with a natural and gentle hemp supplement.

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19 thoughts on “Simple Health and Wellness for Your Cat

  1. jellysolo says:

    Excuse me friend. When you refer to the raw diet and list the meats we should feed our cats, are you suggesting we feed them uncooked meat? What about salmonella and other such concerns?

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  3. Charles Huss says:

    Part of my cat’s diet is raw and they love it. The problem is that it is expensive to buy organic meats and I am afraid to give them non organic raw meat.

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