Nine Lives the movie Sneak peek with Angel

Here’s a Holiday day movie that would make for a great stocking stuffer for everyone. I’m going to show you some sneak peek that was unforgettable to me .

First off  a little About Nine Lives the movie:

Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is a billionaire whose workaholic lifestyle takes him away from his loving wife Lara and adorable daughter Rebecca. Needing a present for Rebecca’s 11th birthday, Brand buys a seemingly harmless cat from a mysterious pet store. Suddenly, a bizarre turn of events traps poor Tom inside the animal’s body. The owner of the business tells him that he has one week to reconnect with his family, or live out the rest of his days as a cute and furry feline named Mr. Fuzzypants

This is Lara the mother in the movie and I like to hear her talk I even think she pouring me a bowl of food. he he!!

I know it’s just a movie a girl can dream..

The father is a self-centered Manhattan mogul played by Tom Brand fusses over details concerning the size of a tower bearing his company name instead of attending his daughter’s 11th birthday party.  He makes amends, Brand ends up buying a cat at a rather strange pet emporium. You will get a kick out of what will happen next .

Meet Mr.Fuzzypants… I think I’m in love… Shss… don’t tell anyone I said that…

Oh my gosh, did he hear me say that? Because he’s running this way…

Mr.Fuzzypants gets into all kinds of trouble he’s kinda like that bad boy dad says I can’t date.

But he is very dreamy… just saying…

This is the daughter Rebecca and her mom Lara I’m not sure what they are talking about but it’s sounds serious. Umm. I bet they want Mr.Fuzzypants to come cuddle in bed with them.

This looks like an interesting conversation, but not sure who they are and what they are talking about, but what do I know, I’m just a cat…

What you need to know is Mr.Fuzzypants is the real star of the movie and there is a reason why he acts silly and crazy, but I don’t want to be a spoiler alert .

What I can tell you is that you will laugh and purr and you won’t be able to stop watching the Nine Lives movie .

Oops you’re not supposed to see this he, he… Don’t tell Mr.Fuzzypants I’m eating his food…

There is a lot of action and adventure and also full of laughter in the Nine Lives movie. It’s  a great movie for the whole family . I give this movie 5 stars or paws how ever you want to look at it!

I don’t want to give all the movie away so I’m going to stop here and I’ll give you the link to follow so you go buy your copy…

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Now I’m going to get in my sports car and find Mr.Fuzzypants… please don’t tell my dad and Before you go don’t forget to leave me a message, love to hear from you and Happy Thanksgiving…

Love ,

Angel’s Eyes -Persian

Special Thank you to Nine Lives for letting me review this movie .

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40 thoughts on “Nine Lives the movie Sneak peek with Angel

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  3. Denise Sanders says:

    You look like you really enjoyed your movie Angel, and was trying to get involved!! I should tell you that you are driving your car backwards – lol
    Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful little Princess and Mom and Dad. Xxxxxxxxx

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