What do you give the cat owner who has everything?

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Today’s guest post comes from Mike James:

With the festive season approaching fast, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest. If there’s a cat owner among your family or friends, you’re in luck.

Smart technology has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years. The result is that you can now get your paws on a range of clever cat gadgets that range from the sublimely useful to the ridiculously funny. We’ve handpicked some of the best ones for you.

  1. Health Monitor


PetPace is marketed as ‘a comprehensive health monitor solution for cats and dogs’. There’s a woven fabric collar with a smart sensor that collects Kitty’s vital signs and behavioural patterns, and a smartphone app which you can use to monitor her wellbeing and share information with your vet.

Kitty can’t tell you that she’s unwell, but this gadget can interpret all of your cat’s health information data – body temperature, pulse, breathing rate, heart rate, activity levels, body posture – to give you the full picture.

  1. Cat Tracker


Miaufinder is the intelligent tracking system for finding your cat. There’s a small transmitter attached to Kitty’s collar and a unique dual directional technology system that emits audio and visual signals to a receiver to guide you to your cat. Made in Germany, it’s a robust, splash proof system with a long 1.5km range and near pinpoint accuracy. Without the need for costly GPS subscription fees, it gives you full peace of mind of being able to locate your furry friend at any time.

Alternatively, there’s Tabcat, is a cat tracker device by Loc8tor to help locate your purry pal when she’s out and about and, more importantly, when she is lost or in trouble. There’s a small yet robust tag that attaches to the cat collar, and a high end RF receiver with LED lights and audio signals to guide you to the location of your pet. The signal has a range of 120 metres and is accurate to within 2.5cm of your cat’s location – and all without the need for a smartphone or any mobile network costs. Apparently, you can also train your cat to come home when it hears the tracker beep…

  1. GPS Cat Tracker


If you want complete IT connectivity for your cat tracker, Pawtrack is an advanced and fully integrated, safety enabled 2G and 3G GPS/GLONASS cat collar that takes and updates location readings every 10 minutes. This tracker has been designed for cats only. Fully enabled to work with your home WiFi network, the data is downloaded when Kitty is home. There’s a built-in accelerometer to detect your cat’s activity levels which works in tandem with the device’s advanced battery management functionality.

  1. Cat Translator


Meowlingual is a cute and clever little device that’s been around for a few years, but it’s a real Christmas cracker, so we had to include it! In an effort to decode what your cat is telling you, Meowlingual analyses the different expressions on Kitty’s face and puts them into 6 mood categories. It also translates about 200 words in cat chat.

What’s more, this cat gadget claims to be able to interpret 21 kinds of emotions based on specific feline gestures and behaviours, and even offers 85 kinds of health check for your cat. Pure genius.

  1. Smart Feeder

A smart, WiFi connected automated dry cat food dispenser? And why not. The Petnet  smart feeder measures out the right portions for your cat, based on her age, weight and activity levels, and schedules feeding times – all in an effort to ensure Kitty stays happy and healthy and without you having to get your paws dirty.


All you have to do is to load up the dispenser, then use the Petnet App to set the times and portion sizes – job done.

  1. Remote Toys


Playtime with Kitty is always fun, but what do you do when you’re not there? This is where PlayDate comes in. It’s a smart pet ball that can be controlled remotely, via your smartphone. It also has an integrated webcam so you can actually play with your cat while she’s at home and you’re out and about. Obviously you can keep an eye on what’s happening at home at the same time, and take photos and videos too.

Environmentally conscious cat owners might be interested in IrresistiCat, a solar powered cat toy designed by Solar Chasers as a more sophisticated version of an earlier attempt. The simple device features a small ball in an enclosure fitted with a solar panel. When there’s a light impulse (solar or otherwise), the ball starts to move around, tantalising Kitty into action.


Finally, the Petcube Camera takes playtime a step further. Using your smartphone, it promises to let you ‘watch, talk to and play with your pet’ remotely. Shaped like a cube, it’s got a wide angle high res fixed focus lens at the front, with a low powered safety red laser below.

The combination of in-situ cube and remote phone works a treat – the wireless video-streaming camera let you see what Kitty is up and even talk to her, while the controllable laser dot provides hours of fun for your feline friend.


Article provided by Mike James, a tech-obsessed, cat-loving content writer

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  2. Adrien says:

    Hi there,
    You didn’t mentionned Weenect, which GPS collar for cats is far more accurate than Pawtrack’s.
    Yes, I work for them ! But anyway that’s still true.
    Interested in testing one ?

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