Little Princess

Lola came to us with her sister Maisi when they were kittens. Twelve weeks old and very exuberant!

Sleepy LolaA few weeks earlier we’d started our search for a cat. We knew we wanted a kitten, and the local rescue centre had some kittens available. They sent us some pictures. Looking at the picture below husband said “those white ones look a bit… ratty… let’s get one of the black ones.”


We arranged to go and visit the kittens at their foster home. When we arrived we were told that the boys had all already been reserved. That left the two girls – the left and right most kittens in the picture. Yes, the “ratty” white kittens.

In life they weren’t so ratty. In fact they were quite lovely! We very quickly fell in love with the kitten that would later become Maisi – the kitten on the right of the picture. She came to greet us and was very happy to cuddle up on my lap. We asked to reserve her.

The other girl kitten was a bit wilder than her siblings. She was running around a lot, playing with everything. Not scared of people, but not interested in being with them. A bit of a hellion. I was happy with our choice of her staid sister.


Little HellionWouldn’t it be good for the kitten to have a companion? A playmate? And that poor little mischief-maker was the last kitten in need of a home…

The next thing I knew we had agreed to adopt both the girls. We filled out the required paperwork and said goodbye to go back home and eagerly await the day that the kittens would be old enough for coming to live with us.

When the day finally came we were of course ecstatic to get our little sweeties home with us. It became clear that our first impressions of the pair were pretty accurate. They both had their playful sides, and both wanted cuddles too. But Maisi was generally soft, sweet and cuddly, whilst Lola was a bit crazy, hyperactive and independent.

I figured Lola would calm down with age. Kittens have a lot of energy, after all. Well… at six years old she’s still very energetic. She runs around like a crazy thing, and yells at the top of her voice for no good reason. And it can be frustrating, annoying, and downright irritating.

But that’s Lola. And we love her. Even if she sometimes drives us up the wall!


Lady Joyful


32 thoughts on “Little Princess

    1. We do miss her. It’s always hard losing cats. And of course because the girls looked so similar sometimes we look at Lola and it seems like we’re seeing Maisi! Even three years after losing her it can be hard… But it’s a comfort having Lola, and the boys, and hopefully they’ll be with us for a good few years longer! Thanks for commenting 🙂


    1. I was very glad we decided to get both of them too 🙂 Unfortunately Maisi is no longer with us – she became very ill and we lost her a month after their third birthday. We still have noisy Lola though! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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        1. Very very true! One of the downsides of being a pet owner is the eventual loss of them… And it’s so much harder when the loss is the result of an illness – your always wondering if you could have done something different that would have prevented it. But it’s been a few years now since we lost her, so the pain is not so raw 🙂

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    1. I’m certain Lola would enjoy being an only cat. I used to think Elvis might but then when we were fostering kittens he was daddying them so much that I changed my mind 😛 Sampson has always had four legged friends, and though he’s still not cuddly with the other two I think he’d hate it if he was an only cat.

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