Angel’s Guide to Grooming Tools

If you live with a pet and have seen  many tools to groom them then you should read this story I’m about to write.

I am owned by a Doll Face Persian who is full of fluff and I can say I’ve tried almost everything out there to help keep her groomed and help with the shedding . I came across this interesting tool call the Dematting tool by MIU and not only does it dematt it helps with the shedding around your house.

With one swipe of the Dematting tool you just get a handful of hair off your furniture .  I also received the Professional Pet nail Clippers by MIU Pet . I have been having issues with the nail Clippers I owned and the first time I used the MIU Clippers Angel didn’t even squirm when I clipped her nails . The tools by MIU Pets are the best tools out there that I have tried and I can say they have made my life easier for me and Angel. These tools are not just for cats they are for any four legged animals .

About MIU Pet:

MIU PET is an innovative pet supplies brand. MIU PET is dedicated in creating and designing the best products for pets so they can be taken good care of and be loved the way they should be. Throughout the years, they have built their own factories and design team and have multiple product lines including retractable dog leashes, deshedding tools, bath massager and so on. Their brand motto and philosophy: You pet, we care. And we will always stay true to our guiding principles to consistently create and design innovative and quality products for pets. What’s more, the founder of MIU PET is a dog keeper for more than twenty years, he likes pets very much. And that’s the reason he founded MIU PET.

The Dematting tool even makes Angel hair fluffy and shiny .

If you would like to find MIU Pets here are the links to follow

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15 thoughts on “Angel’s Guide to Grooming Tools

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  2. Denise Sanders says:

    Hello Angel. I liked the look of this and ordered it straight away! You look so beautiful in your little dress and your fluff looks so beautiful – so Mom does a good job! Xxxxx

  3. angela1313 says:

    Angel you always look great and I know that’s a lot of work for mom. I will definately check out these tools, less work time means more play time. Thanks for reviewing.

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