#CatTalks with Cat in a Flat & International Cat Care

Hi everyone,

A while back we went to attend a special evening event hosted by our friends over at Cat in a Flat in collaboration with our partner charity International Cat Care!

iCatCare’s wonderful Chief Executive Claire Bessant hosted the actual talk which was put together to provide attendees with insights on what to look out for when it comes to signs of distress or worse in cats.

The venue for the talk was “The Collective” a contemporary office shared office space here in London.


Cat in a Flat is run by:

Julie Barnes (right) and Kathrin Burckhardt (left)

Of course there were plenty of cute leaflets and info brochures around for both Cat in a Flat and iCatCare!

Our personal favourite was the iCatCare bag:


The logo certainly fits purrfectly! 😉

So who are Cat in a Flat?

Cat in a Flat is a trusted cat-sitting community created by cat lovers for cat lovers.

We know how painful it can be finding a perfect sitter for your cat (sorry, your baby). You’re running out of thank-you gifts for friends and neighbours, but you really want someone you can trust. That’s why we’ve created this community – matching cat owners with local, trusted cat-loving sitters. After all, who better to have look after your furry friends than someone who truly loves and understands them?

Our mission is to help cats stay in the comfort of their own homes by connecting cat owners with trusted, local, cat-loving sitters

Self Funded. Self Motivated.

Cat in a Flat is a project set up by Julie Barnes (right) and Kathrin Burckhardt (left).

Being cat owners ourselves, we always found it difficult to go on holiday and leave our cats behind (unlike dogs, you can’t really take them with you). So we set about creating a network where true cat lovers would look after our cats, giving us peace of mind that they are being fed, played with and getting plenty of belly-rubbing/sock-chasing/window-staring/box-sitting…

Besides being proud parents of Yuki, Yumi and Casper, we are also digital experts and have been working in the digital industry for around 15 years.

Combining our passion for cats and creating digital platforms, we want to build a community based network that’s for all cat lovers whether they’re an owner, sitter or just love cats, everyone is welcome.

The main idea behind this event was to provide the cat sitters not just with insights on what signs of possible illness or worse poison to watch out for in cats but also to give them all a networking opportunity.

The event was well attended and Julie and Kathrin made all attendees feel very welcome at the event. 🙂

The CatTalks itself were very informative and even us from Katzenworld HQ learned a new thing or two about catcare! Some of the topics of the talks covered things such as what is poisonous for cats from medicine to general household goods and foods!

As you can imagine there was A LOT of information to take in but Claire did an amazing job at making this as engaging as possible! People were able to ask questions about their own experiences as well and it certainly was a great opportunity for cat sitters and cat owners alike to learn more about how to look after their cats.

Would you all be interested in us hosting a webinar on this topic? Providing you with snippets of the CatTalks in blog posts?

Let us know!



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14 thoughts on “#CatTalks with Cat in a Flat & International Cat Care

  1. J. A. Moore says:

    A webinar would be great. If not possible, I would love to see the pamphlets and whatever. Put the presentation on YouTube?

  2. chrisscatmeow says:

    I live in Scotland and volunteer at the cats protection I was brought up with cats I would like to become a cat sitter and also hope more cat lovers would be willing to be cat sitters in my area,Kincardine Fife as the nearest one is 10 miles away.I never go away as my boy is 9 and never been in boardings.

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