Cat Naps Winners – The story of Emma

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‘Emma’ photographed by Paul Brown, UK – 2016 iCatCare Cat Naps photography competition winner

“Emma was taken to Brighton’s RSPCA shelter after being found hiding on someone’s driveway. She was pregnant and she had four lovely kittens at the shelter. They were homed last year and Emma also went to a home in Brighton.”


The judges felt this was a very striking and captivating image, mum just keeping an eye as her kittens sleep peacefully – a shared intimate moment.

To view all of the winning photographs from the competition – click here. And if you’d like to purchase the 2017 calendar you can do so here.

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11 thoughts on “Cat Naps Winners – The story of Emma

  1. I am so glad to read that black cats find a good home in Brighton. Black cats have problems finding new homes. So to read that all her kittens and Emma found loving new owners leaves some hope.

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