Drawing inspired by Kotoba no Haoto cafe

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember our post about the lovely cat themed cafe with it’s neko parfait a while back, if you’ve missed it you can find it here.

One of our readers (MappingWonderland) enjoyed the post so much that they drew cat artwork that was inspired by our trip.

And on the other hand we thought the artwork was so cute that we just have to share it with you! 😀


Here, tuna sandwiches put hair on his chest…

Kotoba no tuna.jpeg

We certainly think this was well captured for their Maneki Neko Collection! And don’t forget to check out the artist’s blog here and our original post here.

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15 thoughts on “Drawing inspired by Kotoba no Haoto cafe

  1. MappingWonderland says:

    I was so thrilled you shared my modest sketches that I didn’t notice my name was misspelled in your post. (We’re all at the mercy of that darn auto-correct…) It’s MappingWonderland. Thanks again for reposting!

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