Cat Naps Winners – The story of ‘Skunk Tail’

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‘Skunk Tail’ photographed by Crystal Moreno, USA – 2016 iCatCare Cat Naps photography competition winner

“My dad nicknamed him cola de zorillo which means skunk tail in Spanish. He’s part of a litter we found in our backyard – only a few survived and he was one of them. My dad was working in the backyard and Skunk tail was sleeping soundly in between the dried up plants that we needed to throw out – the composition and lighting was just perfect so I went and grabbed my camera and ran back out. Shortly after I took this picture he woke up and ran off.”

9-Skunk Tail

This picture came in very early in the competition and stayed a favourite all through because of its lovely composition and lighting.

To view all of the winning photographs from the competition – click here. And if you’d like to purchase the 2017 calendar you can do so here.

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7 thoughts on “Cat Naps Winners – The story of ‘Skunk Tail’

  1. The Laughable Cheese says:

    I’m glad it survived. It’s a wonderful picture, congratulations on the winner, I love the poking texture of straw in contrast to the kitty and I love how the cat’s colors are lighter but seem on a similar color spectrum as the straw.

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