‘You can’t hurry love’

Sorrrrrry I haven’t been writing for a bit… But I’ve been soooooo very busy, you would not believe it! Since being introduced to Freedom Square, HuMum and HuDad seemed to have gone a bit crazy-on-catnip, as my world grew beyond the walls of the den.

Picture For the past couple of weeks, Poppy’s Fur-less species were on holiday. Selfish? Yes. And to add insult to injury, I saw her being taken away in a prison box. (I spent some time in there once…(although that’s a tail, for another time))! I heard she’d gone far, far away; where Bong Trees grow.
Ay me, sad hours seem long, and I was moping around, until I realised this was actually a gift; an amazing opportunity. Time was on my side. My plan? I was going to pump some iron and then watch Poppy fall head-over-paws in love with me.
Not only did I know I needed to train extra-hard (I only had two weeks, remember, and a body like Simba’s is not easy to come by), but I also needed to try and instil some fear into that Tigger. A tall order? Puh… I was going to give it a good go and with love being my Mr Motivator, I was pretty determined! (Oh and I also needed to get used to the world beyond Freedom Square).
So I let HuMum and HuDad do this to me….

They were pa-the-tic! Although I must admit, I looked pretty ridiculous too! But, we do stupid things for love, and I guess, this was more a necessity; a means, to a greater end.
Now it’s a *bit hard to admit that I was totes terrified to begin with; it was completely different to my, dare I say, indulged, cushy life. My HuAunt’s words sounded harsh now; this ‘Pampered Prince’ might struggle. More than a bit.
The hardness of the floor, water from the sky (almost constantly, it seemed), set against the nostalgia of grassy fields; FurMum and her warmth protecting me and my sisters. My sense memory was going insane… I had gotten so used to my softer, cushioned world on this side of Freedom Square.
So my regime started. Mostly I was doing this…

but in the hours my eyes were open, I was busy getting myself fitter and better and tougher… I was making me irresistible….

The more I exercised and went out there; beyond the den, the tougher I was getting; the stronger I was feeling. I felt like Rocky, on the stairs – except I was on my scratch post… HuMum even played the soundtrack for me (or was that just playing in my head)..?

 The two weeks were coming to an end and my darling Poppy was going to be returning to her den.  I wanted everything to be perfect and as soon as the sun was out, I topped up my tan and I was ready to show my world, the new me.



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