Swinging Cats

We live in a mad house. The thought ran through my mind last night as I was brushing my teeth before bed. The light went out. Power cut, I guessed, but no sooner had I been plunged into darkness, than it was light again. It happened again, only this time I heard the unmistakable sound of the light pull banging against the medicine cabinet. I turned round to see a fluffy white paw, five feet from the ground, reaching through the gap and heading for the switch again. Buddy!

He started this game a few months ago when he realised he could jump on the radiator in the hall and play with the string. We tied it up out of his reach, but he’s clearly grown since then. Nothing is sacred. Every wire in the house is covered with a double layer of cable protector and only this morning I had to turn the knife block around to face the wall. He had discovered the handles could be pulled forward and then the knife carefully lifted free of the block. We need eyes in the back of our heads.

They are so rewarding though and I’m reminded of this every time Chai asks to be swung in a bathroom towel. Not only a towel, but sheets will do if we are making the bed. In spite of everything she went through as a kitten, she adores people and loves it when we play with her. We taught her the swinging game about a year ago, but with some of the other cats queuing up to play too, it soon became clear we had to find a better solution. That came in the form of a baby swing I found on Amazon. It needed a couple of adaptions – the straps had to be removed and the central harness has been covered with a folded towel, but they love it!

Here is the first video I made of her in the beginning. She swings much higher now!

Here is another video of Bubu enjoying the baby swing.

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