New Pet Helpline from Tesco Bank!

Can you remember when you got your first pet cat? How much did you actually know about cats at the time?

My first cat was a bit of an accident, my housemate at the time had agreed to re-home her sister’s cat with us, so that was that – suddenly we had a new cat! While he was initially supposed to be the ‘house’ cat, it became clear pretty much straight away that he only had eyes for me, and the feeling was mutual. My passion for cats started with him, but back then I didn’t really know much about cats at all (it was nearly 20 years ago after all, eek!).

It seems my story isn’t that unusual, because recent research carried out by Tesco Bank discovered that 8 out of 10 new pet owners found the early days with their pets challenging, and almost half said they did no research to help them resolve these challenges. That’s why they’ve just launched a free helpline, exclusively for Tesco Clubcard holders, to help pet owners before they choose their pet and in the first few weeks of ownership.

David McCreadie, Managing Director of Tesco Bank, said; “A bit like having a baby, deciding to own a pet is a life changing decision, and one that needs to be thought through thoroughly. What’s surprising is that new pet owners tend to make this decision quickly, and might not always have the time to research their choice. To help our customers during this time, we have launched a completely free phone line which they can turn to for advice. We see it as an essential little help to surviving the new arrival!”.

Dr Mark Evans, veterinary surgeon and TV presenter, added; “Cats and dogs can enhance our lives in so many ways. So, they deserve the best in return. Making sure they stay happy and healthy is not a given. It is up to us to ensure they get the most out of their lives and that’s a big and serious responsibility. It takes time, effort and money. But, get it right and the rewards for them, and us, are huge. Choosing the most appropriate kind of pet and then the right individual is crucial. And, the care, nurturing and guidance you give them in the early days, weeks and months – as their minds and bodies develop and grow – is absolutely critical to success. Well done to Tesco for supporting would-be owners to become great pet pawrents!”.

Tesco Bank’s free New Pet Helpline is available to all Tesco Clubcard holders on 0800 088 3125.

New Tesco pet insurance customers will also get a free kitten or puppy starter pack once they’ve brought home their new bundle of cuteness, and you can find more info here –

Cat Image_Tesco Bank

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16 thoughts on “New Pet Helpline from Tesco Bank!

  1. Crystal Stewart says:

    Pet Insurance sounds good but is it? Do I remember when we got our most recent cat. Mother Cat literally dropped her off at our house and we’ve had our cat ever since. That was my nephew’s 4th birthday so my nieces and nephew got to name the kitten. The name that was decided on was Daisy Mae. Boy did this cat have lungs.

    • Marc-André says:

      Hi Donald,

      There is various ways to subscribe. While on the blog in the right hand side you’ve got a follow button to subscribe via wordpress email notification.

      You can also click on our newsletter button to subscribe via daily / weekly newsletter sign up form.

      To get comment updates you need to click on subscribe while on a post!

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. tarnegolita says:

    This is great, well done!! I grew up with cats, so I don’t know any better 🙂 I can’t honestly remember a time that I didn’t have a cat in the house. For me, they are a basic necessity of life! But I remember being totally new to dogs when I met my husband, who had two dogs. I took to them quickly, but they baffled me at first! Imagine if I had been alone. That help line would have come in very handy!! Good luck and well done! X

  3. sendinthelibrarians says:

    We used this for the first time the other day! As new cat owners with two little kittens, we took our pet insurance out with tesco and have already found the helpline invaluable for advice when there was a problem with one kitten late at night.

  4. Silent~Dugood says:

    Someone left a kitten outside of a school door, and she was meowing so much, I knew she was abandoned. So I took her on my school bus route and she stared out the window, all the kids loved her, I named her Queens, and we were closer than any of my relatives. Pet insurance is an interesting idea, but I don’t know how would they do deductibles or premiums because cat’s like cars, come in many types. Still interesting.

    • Marc-André says:

      Oh poor kitten but so good you rescued her!

      As for insurance in the UK you pay a fixed fee each month and for each new incident claim there is a certain fixed amount that you have to pay yourself. Usually if it’s something reoccurring you pay that fixed fee only once.

      A friend of mine had over 4000£ in vet bills of which she only had to pay 75£ herself thanks to her insurance. So it was well worth the monthly money to save the cat without building up a mountain of debt.

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