Cat Naps Winners – The story of Meow

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‘Meow’ photographed by Christine Lam Ying Loi, Hong Kong – 2016 iCatCare Cat Naps photography competition winner

“This cat belongs to an old couple who run a seafood shop in a historical street in Hong Kong. It’s easy to find a cat in that area because many seafood shop owners have cats. When I visit, most of the cats are playing or daydreaming in the street, however this cat is always asleep on with same wall with the same posture. When I talked with the old couple they told me her name was Meow, ‘just call her Meow and she will respond to you’ they also told me that Meow loves sleeping and only wakes during feeding time. I hope to meet her one day during feeding time…”


The judges loved the perspective and the background of this picture as well as Meow’s ability to nap in such a busy street.

To view all of the winning photographs from the competition – click here.


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