Tiger Wall Murals

Hello, Cat Lovers!

The WOW wall is delighted to be working with Katzenworld contributing to your knowledge on cats and offering some ideas on decorating your walls using murals and canvas prints with them!

Tigers are the biggest species of the cat family. Their habitats are mainly in the tropical forests; evergreen swamps grasslands and the savannahs. They are famous for their beautiful coat, power, and strength.

Image above is taken from our Animal Wall Murals

The “eye of the tiger” is famous for its beauty and intensity. They have the brightest eyes  of any other animal. Having an image like that on your walls is definitively a conversation starter. Add a touch of wild and shield your room with protection using the animals you care for so much.

Image above is taken from our Nature Wall Murals

Cats hate water! But Tigers love it. In fact, tigers can swim up to 6 kilometres. Imagine having a family of tigers by the waterfall on your living room wall as you sit back and relax on a hot summer’s day.

Have fun figuring out what best works for you and your family when decorating your home and be rest assured that no matter what you decide in the end, it will always look beautiful and pleasant to the eye.

Image above is taken from our Jungle Wall Murals

Tiger wall murals are the next best thing when you are looking to decorate your rooms using animals, nature, and lots of colour! Simply check out our website and click on ‘upload file’ and send us your own picture and we will personalise it to your own dimensions and taste. Reach out to us on Social Media to see much more!

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