Battlecats – May the cuteness be with you!

Hi everyone,

There is a really fun little series of shorts on Channel 4 here in the UK. 😀

The idea behind these shorts is a catastic olympic style event there cats compete in various activities based on regular sports. Of course some of these turn into hilarious moments as we all know how cats LOVE to perform for the camera – right? 😉

battle cats 4

Now while there were some categories that we didn’t enjoy most of them are packed full of cuteness and definitely worth checking out! More details (and snippet videos) of the program below.

battle cats 2

For the full series head over to the Channel 4 website and choose Battlecats.

‘Battlecats’ new to All 4

2016 has been a year of sporting highs and lows so far, we have witnessed England’s woeful performance at Euro 2016, and Wales’ magnificence; a Scot winning Wimbledon and, of course, the fast approaching Olympic Games. However, to shadow all of these things, the real greatest show on earth is approaching. Battlecats.

Swing Ball – aka Cat n Ball

That’s right. Battlecats! It’s not only a global sports-related spoof event that pits cats and their trainers in head to head high octane but it’s also symbolic of the changing nature of cats. Our fury little friends are no longer locking horns in an alley: gone are the days when cats quarrelled over a slither of meat outside a restaurant. They now take part in heated and competitive contests such as ‘Cat Dash’ – as seen in Episode two-  whereby Garfield and Socks display their agility, tenacity and hunger in the form of an intense racing extravaganza.

Freestyle Whisker Slalom – aka Fit Cat

Whether you are a sports lover or hater, you cannot miss the opportunity to see a blend of fine catleticism and our fury little friends sauntering around the arena in the hope of achieving gold in arguably the world’s most prestigious sporting event. Ask yourself ‘Can I live the rest of my life knowing that I have missed the eye-catching Rhythmic Catnastics?’

Catnastics – aka Fancy Footwork

So, can you cope with the cuteness? Tune in to the purrfect shorts on sportsmanship as we experience cats in all their adorability.

battle cats 3

CREDITBattlecats is available to watch now on All 4.

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