Cat Naps Winners – The story of Tati

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‘Tati’ photographed by Nic Howett, UK – 2016 iCatCare Cat Naps photography competition winner

“Tati is named after the French actor and film director Jacques Tati. This is one of the rare moments where she is not demanding food or destroying the sofa! She always sleeps as ‘a bundle of paws’ so this dark background provided the perfect backdrop to make the most of her being a black and white moggy.”


The judges loved this picture because it really makes you look to see what it is – a piece of art.

To view all of the winning photographs from the competition – click here.


14 thoughts on “Cat Naps Winners – The story of Tati

  1. When I saw the collage of all the winning photos this one stood out for me on a few levels. First, she is half black cat which is always a big plus! Also, I love seeing cats morph into these crazy sleeping positions that do not look the least bit comfortable except for the look of complete bliss on their face (if you can see it at all)! Tati is gorgeous.

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