Hot weather and animals – keeping your pets happy and healthy this summer

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Today we’ve got some important tips for you all from our friends over at MedicAnimal:

Hot weather and animals – keeping your pets happy and healthy this summer

As the mercury soared towards 34 degrees Celsius in the UK this week, plenty of Britons were delighted that the weather finally turned for the better. However, just as many people find the heat uncomfortable, our animals can suffer from heat and sun related issues such as dehydration and sunburn.

MedicAnimal, the UK’s leading online pet healthcare retailer, has put together some handy tips for owners to take into consideration during the hot weather.

Andrew Bucher, co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer at MedicAnimal, commented: “With temperatures reaching 27 degrees last weekend, bookies are betting on 2016 being the hottest summer on record. While enjoying the sunshine, we must make sure that our pets are comfortable and happy too as they can overheat extremely quickly. Here are some tips I’ve pulled together which you should consider this summer.”

Cat sleeping

1)     Water: It is vital that dogs and cats have a constant access to fresh water. If you are out, make sure there is plenty of water to last until you return; for example you could buy a bigger water bowl or place more than one around the house. Additionally, if your dog is out and about with you, make sure you take water and a bowl with you;

2)     Shade: Dogs and cats can overheat very quickly as they only sweat through their feet pads. To help regulate body temperature, dogs will pant. If your dog is outside or panting ensure they have a cool place to go. Remember, brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs cannot pant as effectively which can make it harder to cool themselves down;

3)     High temperatures: When the temperature reaches anything above 30 degrees we would not advise taking pets outside. They should remain inside, cool, with plenty of fresh water;

4)     Cooling: If outside in the garden, use a water sprinkler or shallow bathing pool for your pets to cool themselves down;

5)     Exercising: Dogs need to be walked but save these for early in the day and the evening when the air is cooler and choose shaded areas to walk;

6)     Cars: Never leave your dog or cat in the car, even if the windows are left open. The temperature inside the car can very quickly double that of the outside air temperature;

7)     Check on them: When the temperatures are warm, you should check on your dogs and cats often. If there are any signs of being too hot, make sure they are moved to a cool area and have access to water. If any heavy panting or signs of heatstroke continue, contact your vet.

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75 thoughts on “Hot weather and animals – keeping your pets happy and healthy this summer

    • saywhatumean2say says:

      Same as with kids yet how many pets and kids are lost each year because human adult idiots can’t get it through their thick heads. AGAIN, if you feel hot your animals….and hey your kids….are even hotter. Humans can sweat over their whole bodies, dogs and catz, only thru their paws which are usually directly on hot cement or black top. My Rant Sings On…..a phrase by SimpleDimple that struck home. ~~dru~~ the unmindful.

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  2. meowmeowmans says:

    Great reminders, Marc. In this heat, it’s better to keep your pets indoors, if at all possible.

  3. helentastic67 says:

    There are really hot days in Melbourne (40 degrees plus) where I come home and do the ‘old lady thing’ by cooling down with a wet face washer (shuddup!) and I will chase Jamima around with it to cool her down. As long as you do their heads last I find she cools down and it doesn’t stress her. Long broad strokes is the key. Just like her mum used to do with her tongue. This does not make me a crazy cat lady.

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  5. hugr5 says:

    Thank you. I’ve been REAL worried about my cats (and the neighborhood friends!) in this intolerable heat. They are not panting, but they look like they want to evaporate into thin air! So… I appreciate the quick reminders on what to do to help them!

  6. sledpress says:

    I once had a cat overheat just from playing too hard — she was still half kitten and kept hurtling around after I put the toys away. When she started panting I called the vet and the receptionist, who was half way to a vet tech, asked if her gums were pink or red. They were pink, which apparently meant she was only overheated and not heat-stroked, and the receptionist told me to get an ice pack and put it on her. As a massage therapist and weight lifter I had a freezer full of ice blankets, little individual cells of sealed water in a matrix that allowed it to flex and wrap, which are sometimes used in shipping for goods that could suffer from heat. So I wrapped her up and she stayed put for 20 minutes, then got up and walked off, all OK again. Sharing in case it is useful for someone in a similar spot.

  7. puzzlesofthesoul says:

    Our temperatures last summer were in the region of 50 C this year is much cooler being mid 40 C. Last year I found my cats would curl up around my bottle of iced water so I gave them a bottle each to cool them down. I always leave the a/c on for them too. I have to know they are being kept cool. These temperature are way too hot for them to walk out side and the will not even venture on to the balcony. If they are looking a little off with the heat I make a cool damp face cloth and tie it loosely around their neck and they soon cool down. Last summer they spent most of the time flaked out, but this year they are much more active.

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