Staying out of Trouble


Things have changed around my house and what I’m about to tell you is true. My mom hurt her ankle and she has to rest in her chair with her foot elevated. She walks with these sticks that dad said they are called crutches. He also said, I have to stay out of trouble and try to be patient while mom heals.

Everything has changed in my routine and if you know us cats we are not good with change, Not one bit! Mom used to feed me and now dad does, Mom used to run and play tag with me and now I don’t have anyone to play tag with because dad doesn’t know how to play like that. Dad has been trying, but mom does everything better.

Dad talked to me about being patient and staying out of trouble and to find other things to do while moms ankle heals like finding my old stick to play with just like this one. It still isn’t as fun as when mom plays with me. So of course I have been trying to stay out of trouble, but my natural instincts kick in with all the energy that has been building up I even chased a squirrel the other day.

Sorry Dad for you had to chase after me…. But dad said, I was a good girl because when he yelled,” stop Angel”. I stopped! then I came running back to him so I didn’t catch the squirrel .But,  I got close though…. He he!

I promise I’ll stay out of trouble even though I’m not understanding what is going on with mom and how long it’s going to be until she can play again.

All I know is that its been 2 weeks and my patients is running thin and I miss mom.

Note to Mom:

It’s so Good to have a Mom like You… But you know What? It’s even better for you to have a cat like Me! Because every single day, Mom I let you feed me and brush my hair off the furniture. I sleep on your face or jump on you in the morning to wake you up. And on the most special days you clean my litter box. If your not the luckiest Mom in the Whole Wide World, Well, I don’t know who is…

Mom, I hope you realize that it’s always been your privilege to serve Me in these big and little ways. If you weren’t my inferior but loyal subject, I would Tell you that you’re the BEST THING that ever happened to Me!!

I Love you Mom and miss our time together, Get well soon so we can play.



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41 thoughts on “Staying out of Trouble

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  2. sidilbradipo1 says:

    Don’t worry, lovely Angel, things will get better very soon, so you’ll have your Mom back to play tag with you 🙂
    Daddies are always a disaster!
    Out of trouble is a stranger word 😛

  3. portapatetcormagis says:

    Wow, you are doing great, Angel! Helping so much by staying out of trouble and caring. You should consider a career as nursing cat. You’d do great!

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  5. Denise Sanders says:

    Aawwwwwwwww. My darling little Princess! I know how much you love your Mom! What a sweet thing to say. I hope that Mom gets better real soon so that she can play with you. Dad does his best, but Mom does it better!! Lots of love. Xxxxxxxx

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