Living with a Cat: Life Lessons & More

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I’ve been a cat’s human companion for a little over a year. When I think back, I realise there’s so much that I’ve learnt from Eva the Brave. But this is not just about Eva, this is the story of every cat.


This is a big one. Nothing teaches you acceptance as quickly as living with a cat. Eva does her own thing, at her own pace. She is cranky, she is sweet, she is fierce, she is strong-willed, she is opinionated, she is needy, she is aloof. I love that cats do their own thing but learning to accept that is another story.

I commanded, I coaxed. She didn’t budge an inch. I surrendered, I changed, I accepted.

This is also teaching me to accept that I am who I am, with my own quirks, idiosyncrasies, and whatnot.


I have never been a touchy feely person. I like my personal space, which is three times the prescribed personal space requirement. Since I got Eva, I am more comfortable with hugs and touching others – within reason, of course. It probably comes from the hours of stroking her warm, soft fur as she purrs on. It is addictive!

Nothing is personal

My neighbours and house owners were not very friendly towards her. But that doesn’t stop Eva from stretching out on the terrace and watching them with interest. She knows instinctively that it is not about her, it is about them. And I think they are beginning to get it too and they are letting her be.


It is pure joy to see Eva stretch like she does. She is so comfortable with her body and takes pleasure in contorting it and stretching it s-l-o-w-l-y. And she enjoys it so! I try to spend a few extra minutes in bed when I get up to simply stretch. It is so relaxing, and it helps me feel so much lighter and lithe.

Pay attention

The most languid of cats, it is amazing how alert Eva can be at a second’s notice. She spies the tiniest lizard lurking in a shadowy corner, she hears sounds I hear only a few seconds later. So what do you know…you can relax and be alert too! And once something is on her radar, the kind of single-minded attention the object receives, until in some cases it is tail-less or all-tail, deserves respect. I don’t tell her that.

eva 2


Her intensive grooming sessions have shamed me into paying more attention to how I look. It is a ritual and it is done with single-minded devotion to herself. I actually brush my hair these days.


Though she likes to live on her own terms, she is not unfeeling. Far from it. She is affectionate and she cares. She waits for me to come from work, nuzzles when I cry…Independence and living on one’s own terms does not necessarily mean any being is cold and does not care. They are as vulnerable as the next one. I don’t stay out late or make sure I go home quickly because I know she expects to see me – even though people make offhand comments about how ‘cats don’t need anyone and are independent.’

The eyes have it

Being a shy person, it is uncomfortable for me to make eye contact. With Eva I can do it and I see so much in her beautiful eyes. I can spend an entire post talking about her eyes, the changing colours and shapes, and all that her eyes communicate. You can build connections (or break them) with just your eyes. Now, that’s powerful stuff.

What have you learnt from your cat?

Anuradha Prasad

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33 thoughts on “Living with a Cat: Life Lessons & More

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    I’ve learned from my cat that no matter how ‘cool’ or ‘tough’ you may seem, its fine to be outright silly sometimes, it gives everyone a laugh ^.^ my cat is the silliest in the house and everyone loves all his quirks and stunts 😀 – Michelle

  2. Susan says:

    I love the fact that you love your cat as much as she clearly loves you! The love of a cat is a very special love indeed, and heart-warming to read about. May you enjoy each other for many years to come.

  3. puzzlesofthesoul says:

    Thank you for your post lovely to read about someone is intuitively connected to their cat. I also coordinate my life around my cats. They are important to me and I know precisely how they would feel if I did not take their feelings into consideration. They look after me and spy on the neighbours. I love this. They are more protective than a dog shifting negativity at great speed. Take care and keep enjoying being with your cat.

  4. rhcwilliams says:

    This is what I need more of in my life – a sweet, little Cat Tale! 🙂 This would be nice in a coffee table book, complete with pix of your kitty, of course. I agree with your approach of not staying out late, because the cat would rather you were home – sometimes when I come back to my house, the cat is waiting for me, as if he knew I was coming at just that moment. Loved this! PS Your blog is great, too!

    • zennfish says:

      I know what you mean..sometimes i see her in my mind and this is followed by her mewing as she tries to come back inside after a few minutes…i think it works both ways. I’m glad you liked the post and my blog, thank you 🙂

  5. fabulousconfidentyou says:

    All of that, and more! Most important thing I learned from my kitties is relaxation and how relaxed you can actually be. Looking at my cat’s face as I pet her and seeing the pure, pleasurable relaxation and trust taught me how to relax myself. I don’t think o was ever relaxed before my kitties came to live with me! 🙂

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