Cat Travel: Neko Maru Cat Cafe – 猫まるカフェ Ueno Part 6 – The Grand Finale

Hi everyone,

It sure has been a long journey down memory lane putting these posts together but hopefully you enjoyed these as much we did when we put them together.

For our grand finale we have chosen some of the CUTEST cats we found in the cafe.

This one had some of the most impressive facial markings I’ve seen for his breed. Too cute, just don’t tell Oli I said so haha.

Grumpy cat was yesterday. This one is today! An adorable face and very interesting markings made this cat very special. 🙂

Caught in motion! Look at the details of the tongue while cleaning his paw. I really wanted to take this kitty home. <3

Actually… I wanted to do the same with him. His fluffyness was right up on the list of “I am sure Oliver and Nubia won’t mind if I bring him home” LOL

“Short legs??? Who are you calling short!!!! I have the longest legs of all my siblings!” Munchkins are just adorable. 😉

That’s it we are at the end of the cat cafe series! Don’t forget to visit them if you head to Japan. This place is worth a visit and can easily be combined with some of the other sights that one need to visit when going to Japan.

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