Artemis -the luckiest cat in Greece.

My name is Artemis, and my humans call me The Luckiest Cat in Greece.

the luckiest cat in Greece

It was my birthday recently. No-one knows exactly when I was born, but I’m officially two years old! And what a year I’ve had, since my last birthday. I’ve been to 13 different Greek Islands, and three other countries apart from Greece. As well as my yacht that I live on, I’ve been on two planes, a car ferry, and had lots of car rides. I’ve stayed in a cat hotel twice, and am now living in a lovely Hampshire barn in the UK for the winter.


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I was most likely born in the little Greek town of Limni, on the island of Evia. I wonder how many brothers and sisters I had? I was found inside the engine of a Toyota 4×4 truck, so maybe I travelled in the truck from somewhere else! I’m very feisty and adventurous, so maybe I got separated from my mummy cat and couldn’t find her, so hid in the truck for safety. I was yowling my tiny head off for simply ages, until I was rescued by the humans. They certainly took their time – they walked away and left me to start with, then the guilt kicked in and they came back a few hours later to rescue me, quite right too! They took me to their yacht, Fandancer, moored in the harbour. I was unceremoniously dumped in the galley sink and washed with detergent twice – no-one knew what colour I actually was, as I was covered in engine oil and dirt.

Several trips to the Greek vet’s later, where I was de-flead (so undignified!), wormed and vaccinated, I blossomed into a beautiful Greek kitten, mostly white with tabby patches, a tabby head and tail. They called me Artemis, after the Greek goddess of hunting, and the moon. Lean and slinky, I’m a typical Aegean cat, a recognised Mediterranean breed. I’m very vocal, loyal to those who care for me, and I love water! My first proper meal was a tin of tuna, then the humans fed me some of their pork dinner, after which I progressed to proper cat food. I’m very fussy though. One day I go crazy for a particular brand and type of food, then then another day you can give me the exact same food and I won’t touch it. Well, I am a goddess, and can do what I like!

I’ve had so many adventures while living on the boat – during the day when we are sailing I sleep in the corner of the cockpit on a cushion, or in a box in the wheelhouse shelter. In the evening when it gets dark, I like to run like crazy all over the boat, from bow to stern, on the sun canopy, and jump onto the sail covers. I like hunting for moths and cicadas. As soon as we get into a harbour, I want to go and explore! We often moor stern-to, and once I jumped off the stern too early as I misjudged the distance. I belly-flopped into the water – most undignified! If we are at anchor, I can’t go ashore, and get very cross when the humans go off in their dinghy without me. I yowl loudly at them and lean right off the swim platform so they think I’m going to fall in. Sometimes the male human feels sorry for me and takes me ashore in the dinghy so I can have a run about on a beach or rocky shore. I’m very clever and will come back when I’m called.

on dry land but stuck up a tree!

I’ve had a few narrow escapes – once I climbed too far up a tree and I was VERY scared. Lots of people stood round the tree, scratching their heads and making suggestions. When they went away, I came down by myself, very cautiously, and ran back to the boat as if nothing had happened. Another time, in Zakynthos harbour, I went ashore just as it was getting dark, and stayed out ALL night! The humans were getting terribly worried and spent half the night looking for me, and all the next morning. They feared the worst, but I was fine, I sauntered on board at midday and slept for a very long time! No one knows my secret of what I got up to that night….

always sleeping

Well, as it’s been my birthday, I’m looking forward to being pampered again for the whole day today. I’d like to be hand fed some poached fish, or steamed chicken. I shall lie on the humans’ favourite chairs all day, then run around and want to play just as they go off to bed…….

If you’d like to see more of my adventures why not visit my Faebook page here.

Artemis, the luckiest cat in Greece

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66 thoughts on “Artemis -the luckiest cat in Greece.

      • bethanyk says:

        Not right now. Our siamese lived 21 years. I had cats my whole life. We just lost our dog to cancer 2 weeks ago. He was 13 1/2. And lost our other dog one year ago to just being old! Our house is so silent that I am vicariously living through others pictures now!

  1. Daisy in the Willows says:

    She is beautiful. A great epic name for an epic earthling friend. Great story and a happy ending. I can’t believe you took her on a yacht! My Tatiana is a Bengal and loves water and I know she would try or at least think about going for a swiim x

  2. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    Artemis is a beauty. She seems like the perfect companion for travels and adventures. I am very impressed that she doesn’t get lost when exploring new places and always finds her way back to home base. Clever girl. Thanks for sharing her story.

      • Laura (PA Pict) says:

        Artemis needs to have words with one of my cats then. When we adopted him, he had just had surgery to amputate a leg. Despite reminding him that last time he was out on the streets he became a tripod cat, he insists on trying to escape when the door is opened. This is the first time I’ve owned indoor cats and I feel a pang of guilt that they can’t go exploring but it’s just not safe for them here, not like it was for all my previous cats.

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  4. The Swiss Cats says:

    What a lovely adventure cat ! Do you know Bailey The Boat Cat, Artemis ? He lives part-time on a boat, just like you ! Purrs

  5. Rasma R says:

    Hope Artemis had a very Happy Birthday! My cat Sid sends him hearty meows. He too loves to climb trees but is an absolute land lover.

  6. hugr5 says:

    Aegean cats are supposed to be one of the oldest NATURAL breeds in existence. I think they’re grand cats and this story is a HOOT!

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