Your Friday Art Cat is Mesmerized

Two cats watch birds on a wire

Feathery, flying morsels of prey flitter and hop to and fro. The Friday Art Cat assesses the scene, looking for a way to capture just one little bird.

Two cats watch birds on a wire
Birds in the Distance by Carol Parker Mittal

She posts herself at the window, wistfully watching the birds. Sometimes, she chatters, tail twitching. Other times, she peers out with seeming disinterest in an attempt to trick birds into coming closer. On occasion, The Friday Art Cat enlists the help of a like-minded friend and they discuss bird capturing techniques and make plans for the future.

Does your cat have a bird fascination? Your Friday Art Cat would love to hear about it.

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23 thoughts on “Your Friday Art Cat is Mesmerized

  1. Jim says:

    my cat Miss Lily loves watching birds. my cat Big Boy loves to eat and sleep. anything else is too much like work for him.

  2. artseafartsea says:

    My cat, Lady loves to look out window at birds, either flying crows or smaller birds sitting on branches and chirping right outside our window. In fact, I have a picture of Lady doing just that. I will post it soon.
    I love the painting of the cats looking at the birds on the wire.

  3. imaginealpha says:

    Tess sits at the window all the time, staring at the birds on the lawn outside, and makes this weird mice-chatter noise. My mom told me it was a cat’s way of imitating a birdcall, but it’s so incredibly cute!

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