Product Review: BISSELL C3 Cyclonic Pet™ Vacuum 1430B

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Just before our holiday a few weeks week back I answered the door to a delivery of a medium size box.  Nubia and Oliver were just as curious as I was to find out what was inside. Knowing we were about to go away on holiday I put the box in the cupboard to open after we got back, It’s now time to reveal the contents as the new BISSELL C3 Cyclonic Pet™ Vacuum 1430B.


You may remember we had a look at Bissell’s upright cleaner earlier this year. I have to say I’ve always been an upright kind of guy. However, this latest offering from Bissell looks rather sleek and intriguing. It even comes with 3 heads!! I wonder what our two kitties will think of that.

Would you like a paw with this? 😉

With the aid of a handy guide putting the cleaner together was pretty simple. The parts all; locked into position with a satisfying click. It’s very noticeable from first handling that the C3 wand tubes (the bit you attach the cleaning heads to) are made of sturdy yet lightweight materials with a novel square cross section rather than the usual round. As well as the 3 heads there were also 3 attachable brushes with various bristle height and stiffness to choose from.  I’m sure I’ll find a job for all of them ridding our flat of Oli and Nube’s hairs.

One of the first things I really liked about this cleaner was the ease of plugging it in. No need to unwind a long lead; just pull the plug out of the back and the cable extends smoothly and easily. Even better is the auto-rewind. Such a simple thing but so much better than having to wrap metres of cable when you’re worn yourself out cleaning. As I expected, the cable is a good length allowing me to plug in at the top of our stairs and take the unit to the bottom (always a problem in our place as there are no sockets at the bottom of the stairs).

A quick check of the leaflet made it clear that one of the heads is for everyday day cleaning and the other when you need to maximise the cleaner’s performance. The everyday head has a couple of brushes placed at right angles on both sides – something I’ve not seen before.  When using the cleaner, it quickly became apparent that this was to brush dirt from the sides into the path of the head. And very effective they were too at getting right up the edges of the carpet against the skirting board. Both heads also have a couple of wheels at the back to make it easier to move the back and forward over the service along with brushes which can be deployed with a flick of a switch by foot for use on hard floors. And unlike a lot of cleaners I’ve used, the C3 has a little slider on the wand with which you can reduce the suction power. A simple but useful addition if you’re cleaning an area with a rug. The third head for the C3 is a small head with air driven roller brush. Ideal for taking care of Oli and Nube’s cast off hairs on the sofa and scratch tree.

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So, if you’re more of a cylinder rather than upright, the BISSELL C3 Pet Vacuum Cleaner has a lot to offer. With quality build and great performance where it counts,  this cleaner may just win me over the other side. On final thing I always hated about cylinder cleaner was that the hose and wand would always just be on the floor when stowed. The C3 has a simple but very hand hook which allows the hose to be attached upright to the body. No more tripping over the “snake” in the cupboard as you try to find the cleaner.

If you’d like to check out their full range check out BISSELL Direct.

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7 thoughts on “Product Review: BISSELL C3 Cyclonic Pet™ Vacuum 1430B

  1. Rantasalot says:

    I also thought that it is a new invention to clean the hair straight from cats. I had years ago a dog who liked the brushing with a vacuum cleaner.

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