CATB: Youth

Hi everyone,

Here is the latest fun photo entry in the CATB series.

"You know we are going to outgrow this pillow."
“You know we are going to outgrow this pillow.”

Who is your favourite of the lot? 😉

More from the CATB files to come soon!

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44 thoughts on “CATB: Youth

  1. Claudia says:

    You are a naughty blogger! How can one choose? First impression is the one buried under everyone else, sleepily looking at the camera. At least everyone else is keeping him warm!

  2. TheMoonLitHowl says:

    I love them all, but I have an affinity for orange, or orange and white cats, so that would be my pick. Hard to know I have that affinity given that one of mine now is calico, and the other two are a gray and a gray striped tabby. 🙂 Marc-Andre’, my very first cat ever was black, with some white underneath. I got him when I was fourteen. One from a litter of five. He is the only one of the five (who all found homes) to live past two years of age. All the others died of illness or an accident. My cat’s name was Dusty, and he lived to be nineteen. (You are right. Black cats and black dogs are often hardest to adopt for some reason)

    • Marc-André says:

      Black cats still suffer from the superstition of bringing bad luck. Add to that, that in he modern world everyone wants to take photos of their pets for internet fame and you end up in the whole but it’s hard to take photos of them. I always tell people you just need better equipment haha ;o

  3. BeckyHelps says:

    Oh wow, you’ve been following me now for a year sweetheart, I thought I best give you the heads up that I am changing my url to shortly. See you there perhaps? 🙂 Namaste

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