Angel’s Eyes: A Royal Tag for a Royal Feline!

20151204_100433Hello again,

I’m so excited to show you my pet tag from a company called Twigo. They are very unique made of silicone rubber. No jingling or jangling to cause your pets ears to hurt since we have powerful hearing.

20151203_160029It comes in different designs and colors that you can personalize with your pets info on it with a ballpoint pen.

20151203_115345To Personalize all you need is boiling water and a Ballpoint pen. After you write on the back of the tag you put in boiling water for a few seconds and it cures into the silicone.

20151203_115408When you put it in the water make sure you don’t burn yourself. It is so durable that if your pet gets into mud or just wear and tear you can clean it with soap and water. It really is a great pet tag.

20151204_100248As you can see I lift my head so you can get a better view of it. I have a princess crown I would show you the back but I don’t want my phone number to get out besides I don’t like talking on the phone. It doesn’t get caught on anything either and it’s light weight too.

Did you Know?

ID’s dramatically increase the security of your pet family member. Pet owners must be mindful of their pet’s ID tags and other forms of identification at all times. An ASPCA research on Tag Retention in 2010-2011 concluded that 80% of pet owners said that a pet ID tag was “extremely important.” Yet only 33% of surveyed pet owners reported that their current pet wears an ID tag all the time.


If you would like to purchase one or get more information on the Twigo Pet Tag here is there links….

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I hope you enjoyed my review It is important to put a pet tag on your pet and silence is golden to us pets… Leave me a message I sure would love to hear from you..

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Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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12 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: A Royal Tag for a Royal Feline!

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  2. Denise Sanders says:

    You always review such great products Angel. I love these and it would probably not cost much to ship over here in the UK!

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