Nubia: Oli what have you got there?!?

Hello everyone,

It’s Nubia here! Can you believe that when I walked into the living room the other day my lazy brother was assisting the hoomins with a product review?!? I suppose I should have guessed it’s a FOOD product…


Oliver: Oi! I am not lazy… I just wanted to pose. 😉

Nubia: Yeah right… We all know it all goes through your stomach!


Nubia: Now let me have a look…

Oliver: You are too slow… I shall choose for us!


Oliver: Maybe the boxes…? No too difficult to open. That will require opposable thumbs!


Oliver: Maybe…


Oliver: Yes my claws should be sharp enough to get into those!!!

Nubia: If only 🙁 Btw what are those pouches!


Nubia: Oli this looks totally new! It says SOUP for us. 😮


Oliver: Really??? Maybe I can get assistance of the two legged servants. 😀


Oliver: Look! I got a bowl. Will you help me?


Oliver: Geee… Do I have to explain everything to them…. Look this bowl is empty!


Oliver: And this pouch is full! Now put it in the bowl!!!!

*After what seems an eternity to Mr Oli:

Oliver: *Yummy*


Oliver: Those were absolutely lip smacking delicious!

Oliver: And despite all the complaining of my sister… I left her something!


Nubia: Liar! You ate most of it!!! Humans get me another bag! :O

Nubia: So what is our verdict on the new stuff from Purina Gourmet? It’s great! We’ve not seen Soup for cats before in the UK so it’s great that someone has finally produced this! 😀

Especially if you are as picky as Oliver who prefers to lick up the gravy most food – just as well that I prefer the meat! 😉

The new GOURMET Soup is available in 40G single serve pouches with the following flavours:

  • GOURMET Soup Classic with flakes of natural chicken and fine vegetables in a delicately refined broth
  • GOURMET Soup Classic with natural tuna loins and delicious anchovies in a delicately refined broth
  • GOURMET Soup Classic with natural tuna loins and whole shrimps in a delicately refined broth
  • GOURMET Soup Classic with natural finely sliced chicken in a delicately refined broth

If you are in the UK you can find them both at Morrisons and Tesco with an RPP of £0.78.

Oliver: I personally think the new Petit Duo are great! Because my sister never likes to eat the same stuff twice in a row. Soooo picky! So having packs that contain mixed flavours is a great option.

Nubia: You are the picky one…. Anyway! We’d recommend you give these a try and for more info you can check out the Gourmet website.

Oliver: We hope you enjoyed our fun story and introduction of these new flavours! 😀

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Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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18 thoughts on “Nubia: Oli what have you got there?!?

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    My cats LOVE those pouches. However, once they tasted them, they did not want anything else and they are treats, not balanced meals. I had to take them away so they would eat normal cat food. They were NOT happy.

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    They have been available for sometime here in the Seattle area under the Fancy Feast label and called “broth”.
    At the end it was all I could get my beloved Lili to eat.
    I haven’t tried them with Diavolo because I know he would want them all the time and he eats me out of house and home anyway.

  3. Rantasalot says:

    That is great, I like to eat also only the gravy like my cousin Oliver. I must show this to my humans, they can look for it here in Finland. Thank you Nubia and Oliver, says Kosmo.

  4. lawjic says:

    Wow. If only Kit Kat could learn how to eat food like that instead of taking her paws and dumping it on the floor. She still cannot figure out just HOW to drink water out of a bowl. I have to fill up a bathroom sink and literally wipe down the walls daily from all the splashing. Sadly, at night, I cannot leave her a bowl of water. So I make sure that sink in the upstairs bathroom is full all day for her to get as much as she needs to drink. They day I can leave water where she sleeps at night, I will know we have made progress. So now I know, this is what NORMAL cats do. Kit Kat was and is crazy, but she is doing better all the time. And, I fell in love with her so I fight for her. Trust that I do not feel good leaving her for 8 or more hours without access to water, but the room cannot survive what that cat DOES with a bowl of water. Great video and great music; drop dead gorgeous cats, Marc!

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