Book Mews: Simon’s Cat – Off to the Vet

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Today we are looking at the latest Simon’s Cat book – Off to the Vet:


Simon’s Cat is back and he’s facing every feline’s worst nightmare . . . a trip to the vet

In the last seven years, Simon’s Cat has become a global phenomenon. What started out as a one animation in 2008, has now grown to a massive brand, with eight books, over forty animations, and a vast range of Simon’s Cat merchandise. With over 3 million subscribers and over 680 million views on You Tube, and a dozen major industry awards, Simon’s Cat has captured the hearts of a worldwide audience.

In this brand new book we see Simon’s Cat face any feline’s most dreaded scenario – he’s off to the vet. And he’s not at all happy about it. Sharing its theme with the first ever full colour Simon’s Cat feature animation, funded by a record-breaking IndieGoGo campaign due to be released in Spring 2016, Simon’s Cat: Off to the Vet will be packed with over 240 pages of hilarious new gags featuring our favourite furry friend and his companions – both old and new.

  • Simon’s Cat: Off to the Vet is the first original Simon’s Cat book in 3 years
  • The Simon’s Cat You Tube channel has over 680 million views to date, 11.4 million views per month, 3.6 million subscribers and 2.3 million Facebook likes
  • The Simon’s Cat animations have been shown at multiple cinemas across the UK, and the new feature film has been snapped up by Endemol Shine, the maker of Big Brother (owned by 21st Century Fox and Apollo Global Management)
  • Simon’s Cat has won ‘Best Comedy’ at the British Animation Awards, The ‘Prix Animation’ Award at the Festival Internation des Tres Courts, ‘Best Animation’ at the Leicester Short Film Festival, the ‘Special Jury Prize’ at the Bradford Animation Festival, ‘Most Outstanding Animation’ At Anime Caribe, the YouTube ‘Blockbuster’ award and the UK’s Favourite Celebrity Cat Award.

If you would like to get the book yourself it is available from:

Paperback directly from the Publisher here for the UK (eBook) and here for Australia (paperback).
Amazon UK by clicking here.
Amazon US by clicking here or through Barnes & Nobles here.
Amazon DE by clicking here.

More about the author:
SIMON TOFIELD is an award-winning animator and cartoonist. He has had a lifelong interest in animals, beginning as a child, when his uncle gave him a plastic pond which quickly filled with wildlife. Simon was given his first cat when he was nine and now has four rescue cats, who are the mischievous inspiration for his work. He has been working as a 2D animator and designer for over fifteen years, and has worked on a diverse range of high-profile productions, including advertising campaigns for Marmite ‘Paddington Bear’ (DDB London) and Microsoft ‘Rugby’ (McCann Erickson London). As an animator, Simon developed his distinctive approach to character-based, observational comedy and developed an unusual technique by drawing on the digital tablet in a freehand way and creating the animation with a flowing, ‘straight-ahead’ approach which distinguishes the Simon’s Cat films from other animations.

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Simon's Cat off to the vet
Please don’t make me go to the vet…
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23 thoughts on “Book Mews: Simon’s Cat – Off to the Vet

  1. crystaleagle24 says:

    Kara always behaved at the vets, MM didn’t. MM used to wedge herself in the back of the basket. It was the same vet as Kara used to see.

    • Marc-André says:

      Both of ours are luckily calm at the vet. In fact Oliver loves the vet office… It’s got a fish tank =.=. He always jumps off his table once he is done to climb on top of the tank. The vet finds it amusing. I fear for the guppies. Poor things must get an heart attack LOL

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