Cat Travel: Neko Maru Cat Cafe – 猫まるカフェ Ueno Part 5 – Cats in boxes

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our fith and last post in the Neko Maru cat series. It’s been extremly challenging to choose our favourites hence the many parts. And I am sure you agree that cats in boxes deserved it’s own dedicated section! 🙂

To start of the post a tranquil cat in a box! As we all know this is the FAVOURITE position of most cats hehe.

And being a cat cafe you can of course do a whole series just on cats in boxes! 😀

Mr Grey was back for a stay in a box too. 🙂

Or inside a round ball inside a box? Now thats an extra level! LOL

So much fluff… so much cuteness. It hurts!

Or napping cats. 😉

Which are of course no less adorable.

Is he contemplating his dinner? If only we’d know what cats think sometimes!

To be continued in Part 6 the grand finale of our series of cats from Neko Maru!

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38 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Neko Maru Cat Cafe – 猫まるカフェ Ueno Part 5 – Cats in boxes

  1. Thank you for the Aaawws, Marc!
    Monday morning, the weeks seems to have no end and then your post. You really made my day 🙂

    1. Oh all the preciously posts are still here. 😀 just type Neko maru into the search box and it should fine them all. ^^ and haha yeah some of the boxes are on the bigger side. 😉

  2. What a fine selection of boxes. These kitties are so very lucky.

    We received the International Cat Care calendar we won while mom was on vacation. We thank you so much for our winnings.


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