Nubia: Worldwide Book giveaway! Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here! 😀

Today I have something special for you… I managed to organise you all two copies of the Book Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee from my author friend Cee Tee Jackson!

So what is this book all about you are wondering? Well let’s see some info from Cee Tee Jackson! 😀

When redundancy hits for the second time in two years, an ex-bank manager finds himself thrust into the world of self-employment. His funds drained from a ten month period of unemployment, he searches for a business with a low start-up cost.

He decides upon establishing a local petcare business.

Through a series of pet-related vignettes, DAMP DOGS & RABBIT WEE presents an amusing, charming and compassionate look at the life of a pet professional. OK – dog walker.

Proving there’s more to dog walking than simply walking dogs, DAMP DOGS & RABBIT WEE is a humorous, light read that will appeal to all pet owners, animal lovers and yes, dog walkers.

What is our verdict on the book? Our humans are loving it! It’s such a fun and humorous way of looking at the daily ins and outs of being a pet sitter.I mean sure we are all cute and fluffy but I am sure you humans get pretty peed off at our antics at times. 😉

You can also tell that the author truly loves “his job” of looking after people’s pets and has done a brilliant job at catching their personalities.

Despite having loads of doggies in there (I suppose they are friendly like us cats too…), I give it a full four wait I mean three… (forgetting I am a tripod after all ;)) paw rating. Oh and you are wondering what my favourite chapter was? Of course it is the one with the kitten which totally made up for all the doggies! 😀

If you’d like to win one of the two available copies follow the instructions below to get your paws on one of them! 😉


Chances can be gained by the following methods using our Giveaway link!:
1. For Tweeting about the event through the Giveaway Tool – 4 Entries
2. Sign up for our new newsletter via mail chimp – 5 Entries
3. Follow us or Cee Tee Jackson on Twitter – 2 Entries
4. Follow us on Pinterest – 2 Entries
5. Follow us on Bloglovin – 2 Entries
6. Make a comment stating you would like to enter and your email address on this post (for those that don’t use social media) – 4 Entries
7. Visit us or Cee Tee Jackson on Facebook – 4 Entry

Now for those of you that would like to enter don’t forget to click here. Entries are accepted until Midnight on the 12th of March. (GMT – London time!)

Meanwhile if you’d like to purchase a copy they are available through Amazon UK and Amazon US as both paper and Kindle version!

Good luck! 😀

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace or in this case the ultimate book reviewer. 😀


28 thoughts on “Nubia: Worldwide Book giveaway! Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee

  1. Oh, how lovely to find a website which cares about other than those who use social media! Hello! I am pleased to be here. As a freelance writer, and one who adores animals, it’s a pleasure to leave me e-mail on this site. And I hope I learn from your book for, as newly-retired lady of sixty three, I was fancying taking up dog walking to keep fit. So what will I learn from reading this book about professionals…erm.. dog walkers? I can’t wait to find out.

    Denise Watson.


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