CATB: Fur galore!

Hi everyone,

As promised please find below the first of the posts from Cats at the Bar! 😀


I’m getting no support with this craziness. How am I expected to clean the house for viewing when every time I turn around I find a new patch of fur on the carpet, the boys compete with their own version of “who’s the king of the castle” by spraying the entrance of every room and the pile of clean laundry that I left on the bed, is now a nest for the kittens!

Hopefully prospective buyers like cats…oh and dogs. Got one of them too. Well a “catdog” Jack Russell mix that we got as a puppy and was raised by our cats…
Have to remind the buyers that the animals are not part of the house. Mind you we could spare one or two? 17 cats is a lot of love! Opps sorry 18.

More from the CATB files to come soon!

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