Angel Eyes: Brush my teeth?!? Are you serious!


Hello my friends,

I’ve been very busy getting ready for the holidays, but I’m bring you a very important product by They got very frustrated when they went looking for a toothbrush for their kitties and small dogs. Unable to find an acceptable toothbrush they decided to developed a purrffect kitty toothbrush just for us kitties and small dogs. designed the toothbrush with a low bristle profile so you can get between their little cheeks and gums. It has soft polished bristles that will clean their teeth and be gentle on their delicate gums. is the first toothbrush specifically designed for our feline companions and small pets and is essential for good oral health.


Here I go…

Ready to brush my teeth with the tootbrush . I love that it is small enough for my mouth and I DO have a tiny mouth!


Did you know that dental hygiene is an essential part of my  health? Many health issues can be traced back to poor dental hygiene. It is extremely important for your pet’s health to brush their teeth and gums regularly. You have to make sure we are taken care of.


In the wild, cats teeth are naturally cleaned by tearing through skin and bone.
This helps remove these deposits much better than kibbles.  Our pampered domestic house cats don’t hunt and eat their prey.  They only need to walk over to their bowl and nibble as they see fit. We have to help our pampered pet’s health to brush their teeth and gums regularly.


As you can see I brush my teeth all the time. I can even do it by myself, but mom does go over my teeth just to make sure I brushed well.


If you would like to get your toothbrush or even if you have a small dog these are great! I give them 4 paws and if you don’t know what that means it’s 5 stars in human reviews… Here is the links to take a peek or buy your Kittyteeth toothbrush.

Website     –

Twitter       – (With the underscore!)


Dental hygiene, your cat and dog’s dental anatomy, what you will need and problems to look for.
Thank you for stopping by and please leave me a message if you are brushing your cat’s teeth or if you have a question and need some tips to brush their teeth.

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Angel Eyes

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15 thoughts on “Angel Eyes: Brush my teeth?!? Are you serious!

  1. Denise Sanders says:

    What a good idea! I’m not sure Bluebell would let me do her teeth! I suspect it should be started at an early age, like Mom did for you! Darling Angel you are so sweet. Xx

  2. franhunne4u says:

    My two would NEVER let me do that – not even for treats afterwards (which would counter the effect of the tooth-brush anyway). I give them kibble they indeed have to chew (BIG kibble) and since then the doctors at the vet clinic did not complain anymore.

  3. bernard25 says:

    Mon premier passage sur ton blog
    Vois-tu il y a des jours sur un simple sourire
    On peux rendre la vie plus belle
    Si le mien de sourire peux te faire cet effet
    Alors je reviendrais encore tant faire
    C’est une envie de te faire plaisir et t’offrir du bonheur
    Je t’envoie une grosse envolée de bisous d’amitié
    Bonne et agréable journée Bernard

  4. portapatetcormagis says:

    It needs a very brave cat’s parent for this O.O
    Our cat would have brushed her teeth on my skin and bones the way her ancestors did!

  5. Olive says:

    If only my cat would let me brush her teeth! I worry about getting her teeth professionally cleaned, since the vet has to use anesthesia, so I’ve taken to rubbing a small piece of paper towel over her teeth once or twice a week hoping it will help.

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  7. Robin says:

    It’s great that they make a toothbrush just for kitties! Teeth are really important. It looks like this one is a good one by the way you are playing with it. 🙂

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