Cat Travel: Neko Maru Cat Cafe – 猫まるカフェ Ueno Part 4

Hi again!

By now you are probably wondering how many cats did they actually have at that cafe?!? Quite a few and you know me I just can’t resist taken LOADS of photos of them all. 😉

So here are todays cats! 😀

Another shot of our sleeping beauty in an even cuter position!

Same cat or different? Yes even I lost track by now… LOL

Now this is for sure a different one! Look at those EARS. Too cute.

And he is certainly very good at getting up on high places LOL.

And fast he was… Whenever I turned around he was back AGAIN. 😀

Ommmmm! A Yoga expert as well from the looks of it. But is he better than Oliver at Cat Yoga? haha

To be continued in Part 5 of our series of cats from Neko Maru!

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22 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Neko Maru Cat Cafe – 猫まるカフェ Ueno Part 4

  1. Rachel Ann says:

    Look at the leg extension, can we just take a moment?! 🙂 <3 There is a Cat Cafe in Portland, OR too. I <3 to support positive, loving, and caring organizations for our feline friends. Happy blogging and paws!

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