Mews: Find out fun facts and pet locations via PetMapper

Hi everyone,

We came across a cool fun little online map called PetMapper by Co-Op insurance. It’s an interactive map showing you cool pets in various countries across the globe!


The map is colour coded. Dogs being an orange/yellow, cats a purple / pink and everything else green. We had to check out all the cats of the map of course!


The cute Devon Rex with their curly fur! Can you find them on the map? 😀 Tell us where they are from!


We never came across this one before… Apparently a Peterbald cat!


Now you don’t have to have special abilities to guess where the Scottish Fold is resident but none the less a cute one. 😉


Fun fact of the day the Sphynx was actually bred in Canada!!!


Can you tell us who this one is and where he lives using PetMapper? 🙂


So where are you based and what pet is resident in your area? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Mews: Find out fun facts and pet locations via PetMapper

    1. It’s a very good question as to why they were bred in Canada… Does seem to be the wrong climate! But maybe it just happened by “accident” a rare mutation? Very curious now lol. And yes you are right they are so soft to the touch!

  1. ‘m more into stray cats, actually. I take them from outside, get them checked from the vet (neutered and castrated so they can get along with the other member of our family). Oh yessss I’m a cat lover! Bastet is my favorite God, but I follow the buddhist Path 😉
    Anyhow, when I don’t feel well or something went wrong during the day… my cats make everything just fine! Plus they are my inspiration (I’m a writer)
    Serenity 🙂 claudine

    1. Thank you. ^^ and yes both of our own are rescue cats from a charity 🙂 and you have the best possible inspiration! We have loads of poetry authors that share that and send in cat themed work 😮

      1. I guess in some of my previous lives I was as well a cat!
        I feel such great empathy with them and they are my best companions… the only terrible thing is that they doesn’t live as long as we do… and each time one of them goes to the “Light” I need months to get over it…
        I guess my material attachment to a living creature isn’t improved even if I meditate every day… :-)c

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