Sitting on Shelves

Elvis is Bookended


Elvis has taken to sitting on shelves lately. It’s partly our fault of course – most of the things that are meant to be on the shelves are still in boxes, so instead there are big empty surfaces perfect for cats to sit on.

A couple of days ago whilst unpacking a box I came across a pair of bookends and put them on one of the empty shelves in readiness for when there are books there. Of course Elvis decided that the perfect place to sit was right in between the bookends! What a sweetie he is.

The other cats do like to wander around on the shelves too of course. They like to go along to the further shelves that do have things on. I’m constantly worrying that they will push the TV over (almost certainly an unfounded concern – it’s very stable where it is.)

And we’ve been having to come up with ways to stop them from getting behind the DVD cases because apparently that’s a fun place to go. I guess it’s like a tunnel, and apparently the most fun way of getting out is to push through a smaller-than-a-cat sized gap and knock a load of cases down in the process. As you do.

Silly cats.


Lady Joyful

Do your cats like shelves? Do they prefer empty shelves with space to spread out, or shelves that have fun things to hide behind or knock down?

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26 thoughts on “Sitting on Shelves

    • Lady Joyful says:

      Oh yes I can imagine the TV would get nice and warm on top! Our Lola likes to lie on top of the computer, presumably for the same reason. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. lydiaa1614 says:

    Monkey loves any shelf, cubbyhole or open drawer where she can curl up and go to sleep or just watch the world go by. Actually, she will go “into” anything – including boxes and laundry baskets no matter if they are empty or full of laundry…clean or dirty!

  2. Tina's Faerie Files says:

    Our grandkitties love shelves, or any high surface. We pushed our CD’s to the back of the shelf to ward off the behinder-ing. We’ve found that if we keep a surface either completely filled or comepletely empty it’s less trouble all round.

  3. lawjic says:

    Elvis is adorable. Just pray he does not throw EVERYTHING OFF the shelves and DESTROY all his cat guardians’ precious things. My new monster TRASHES my house all day, every day. I would choose Elvis any day……

  4. sportsattitudes says:

    My cat always preferred boxes to shelves. Literally could not get something out of a box that just arrived before my cat’s arrival in the box. Now if there was a situation where sunshine was involved with a shelf you could certainly count on my cat’s arrival…as well as her nap immediately after the fact.

  5. loisajay says:

    Elvis, you are adorable! Yes, my cats love crawling behind the computer and, especially, amongst the wires in my husband’s den. I cannot tell you how many mornings we wake up with no power to the computer because ‘somebody’ has accidentally unplugged the wires! 🙂

    • Lady Joyful says:

      I don’t know if it’s possible to put pictures in comments, but if you have a link to it you could share that? I think I understand what you mean though 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

    • Lady Joyful says:

      I think empty ones are good. As much fun as it seems to be to knock things off of shelves, spreading out on them seems like it would be far more satisfying! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Patricia says:

    From time to time, I will open the linen closet in the master bathroom and find Yodi curled up on towels on one of the shelves.

    I chose one of my cats because first I saw him sitting on a bookshelf leaning against books like a book end. Then he came and sat down on the sofa on his butt like a human and rested his arm on the armrest. Had to have him. We nicknamed him “Mr. Personality”.

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