Mews: Eyefi – Easy transfer of your camera photos!

Hi everyone,

I am sure many of you have similar issues as myself that we like to carry around the photos of our beloved cats on our smartphone but this phone doesn’t necessarily take the nicest photos! So what often happens is that we sacrifice better image quality for quick and easy snapshots from the phone as this means we won’t need to sit down and transfer high res images of an actual camera later one.

So when I was asked by Eyefi to test their wifi enabled SD card I was like REALLY??? I had no idea such a thing existed to enable my SLR camera to quickly and painlessly transfer all of the photos I choose across to my phone or even laptop. 😀

Saw the feature image? This is just one of many that I took on my better camera and quickly transferred directly to my phone and laptop without further need of plugging in any cables.

The way the card works is that it creates a wifi hotspot that your phone can connect to and through a free app you are able to download all or chosen photos / videos of the card.

The card is available in various sizes and in addition to the handy wifi transfer that each card can do without further subscriptions you are also able to store your photos in the Eyefi cloud for extra peace of mind! Depending on which card you choose it will come a certain duration of Cloud storage included as part of the purchase price. 🙂


If you’d like to get your own to make it easier to transfer your SLR photos please click here to checkout the Eyefi options.

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And as a bonus here another photo of Nubia also transferred via the Eyefi card! 🙂




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24 thoughts on “Mews: Eyefi – Easy transfer of your camera photos!

  1. Thumbup says:

    Hi, me again. I should also say that sometimes when I do the kissing, my cat sometimes is not in the mood for it and as I bring him closer to my face for a kiss, he would put both his paws straight against my lips stopping me from kissing him!
    That was when I had a cat, right now I don’t have a cat.

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