Product Review: Rollei Sportsline 100 – The Lion’s Den

Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at one of the latest entry level cameras from Rollei, the Rollei Sportsline 100.

Many of you probably wonder why would you want a “Sportsline” camera for taking cat pictures??? Well there is not much of a different between the fast moving action of sport activities and those of our feline companions. 😀 Both require quick focus action haha.

Being a sport camera it is also very robust and will withstand an occasional knock. (Not that we have bashed this one around… :o)


  • Compact camera camera type
  • 20MP megapixel count
  • 4x optical zoom
  • Waterproof
  • 640 x 480 still image resolution
  • 5152 x 3864 maximum image resolution
  • JPG image format

The camera is available in blue, green and orange.


The below photo was taken inside Oliver’s hiding cave in a low light situation WITHOUT flash:

Oliver in cave
Why are you intruding my cat cave! 😮

Over-all: While this certainly doesn’t compare to a DSLR camera you get what you pay for. At £99 (129 Euros) this camera offers a nice little versatile camera that can be used in various situations. From taking photos of cats to holiday shots it will cover all of these. 🙂 At 162 gram weight this is super light and will fit into most handbags.

Something we didn’t need but that certainly is handy! The camera is completely waterproof up to 10m underwater so you could even take photos of the fishes for your cats! Or go out on a rainy day without worrying that you break your camera.

Also as this is a very sturdy camera it’s certainly a great choice as the first camera for children.

If you’d like to purchase one you can do so via the Rollei website or the usual places such as Amazon.

About Rollei
Founded in 1920 and based in Germany, the camera manufacturer Rollei became famous in the 1930s with its TLR camera line Rolleiflex. The popular and widely imitated roll film camera was notable for its exceptional build quality and had a huge impact on photography. For over 90 years, Rollei has made the world of photography accessible to everyone, helping millions of people to record history.

Since 2007, Rollei has sold consumer technology in more than 20 European countries. The product range today includes professional tripods, digital cameras, action cams, smartphone accessories and products around photography and video. For further product information please visit:



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13 thoughts on “Product Review: Rollei Sportsline 100 – The Lion’s Den

  1. Lisa says:

    Sometimes I get good pictures of the girls and at other times one wants to play and the other one wants to be a stick in the mud! So frustrating! LOL

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