Dating: when it comes to cats and their human – they come as a package

Today marks the one year anniversary of my relationship with my gorgeous boyfriend, Matt Jones. As I started thinking about how much our lives have changed since we met I also had a thought which made me giggle – it’s very true that to date a ‘crazy cat lady’ means that you very much have to become a crazy cat man. Here’s a wee blog post about my experience…

When Matt first met my cat Dexter, he was given a rather frosty reception. At the time I had two cats (I lost my gorgeous Cleo in the custody battle with the ex) and they didn’t get along. Like rival siblings, they were usually either chasing around (half in play and half in pure hatred for one another) or were trying to both sit on my lap at the same time. This – coupled with the fact that he was probably throwing all of his efforts into securing me as his girlfriend – meant that Matts cat-ometer was truly on the ‘meh’ end of the scale.

Oh, and then there were the incidents. Having been used to sleeping by my side on the empty part of the bed (furry head on the pillow and all) Dexter was a little displaced at nights. It started with a few strategic clawings to Matt’s head, a stretched out kick of the back paw here, a bum hole to the face there. All a little awkward. Forget seduction – Dexter would howl outside the door to be let in and put a stop to that. And during a weekend cuddle Dexters jealousy reached its peak (of course all of my cuddles should have been for my cutie Dexter alone!) He started by knocking off candles and jewellery from the drawer tops, and then just knocked the bedside table over, smashing Matts glasses to smithereens. It was a little bit funny introducing my new boyfriend to friends at a party the next night with cellotape on his glasses!

Are you sleeping on my pillow?!
Are you sleeping on my pillow?!

In hindsight, I would have given the cats more attention. They had fun single me to dance and play with and all of a sudden my attention was diverted. Luckily for me, Dexter didn’t hold a grudge for long. He sharp realised two people = four hands for stroking. And he found his place in the bed (wedged between our heads) pretty comfy after all. And the accommodating Matt, could not love him more. He’s a fully fledged cat daddy now, running to shut windows to keep Dexter safe, waking him up in the mornings to kisses and chatter. Yes chatter – that’s how you know when you’ve converted someone, when they chat to your cat as you would a person!

Happy first anniversary Matt! thank you for being an amazing boyfriend and a wonderful adopted parent to my furry one. Here are a few of their cutest snaps together, enjoy!

Room for two
Room for two
True love
True love



Note: Rachel Mullaney is a blogger, and writes a London lifestyle blog, A Geordie lost in London. Check it out here


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26 thoughts on “Dating: when it comes to cats and their human – they come as a package

  1. franhunne4u says:

    A man would not stand a chance in a mythological place for sinners with me if he could not accept that I have cats, they are family and they are with me to stay. Adoption is a lifelong commitment (unless something really evil happens, like losing your place to live). You chose your boyfriend well. And Dexter did indeed put him to the test!

  2. Patricia says:

    When reading this story, all of Yodi’s unique methods of communication became not so unique. However, his pooping on all three of my guest beds to tell me he didn’t like his litter box, now that was unique.?

    • Marc-André says:

      Thank you 🙂 glad you liked it and hopefully you’ll find more pawesome stories on our site. ^^

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